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The California grid operator said it was not expected in the middle of a heat wave


A California power grid operator has said he does not expect power outages in the next few days because the state is expected to triple.

“There is enough electricity to meet the expected speed,” the California Independent System Operator said in a statement on Saturday, but said he would closely monitor the grid if a call was made to protect the community.

ISO said the state was better prepared to eliminate the blackout lights last winter. However, he warned that a large population grid is still vulnerable to high temperatures, which could lead to further disruptions.

Video- Memorial Day weekend Three-digit heat coming to the Bay Area

California’s domestic temperature is expected to rise by more than 100 degrees Celsius as a high pressure system is being built in the region between Sunday and Wednesday, the National Weather Service said.

Public health officials have called on residents to stay hydrated, provide shade and rest.

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