May 7, 2021


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The change of the palace of disobedience will take a big step forward

Inverted Castle is set to become the gateway to highland tourism.

The High Council this week approved a plan to review the building. This application covers the work required to restore the Category A listed building and use it as a new tourist attraction.

The High Council’s Southern Planning Applications Committee approved the application as follows: .

The flexibility of the new uses should ensure a long-term future for the building, and this redevelopment will be considered a key project of the council’s development strategy in the city center.

The application was submitted by Project Architects LDN Architects in preparation for the major construction contract for the next few weeks.

Given the effects of the Brexit and Covide-19 epidemics, the bidding process will not be completed until the bidding process is completed.

South Tower Tower Terrace View at South International Palace (Image LDN Architects)

Planned work currently includes careful maintenance of building fabric, accessibility and environmental improvements, and timely new additions. The proposed works also include a new cafe area and outdoor viewing area, which will transform Invence Castle into a cultural center and be enjoyed by the public.

All schedules may change depending on the current stimulus contract (completed in 2021) and the epidemic. Ongoing upgrades include demolition work, asbestos surveys, timber conservation surveys, and structural checks.

The change of Invent Castel will help to revitalize tourism throughout the region and contribute much-needed investment to the industry to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

The project will create sustainable, productive and “must-see” attractions that will honor the spirit of the highlands and support economic growth throughout the Highlands.