May 9, 2021


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The Church is working to make a difference in East Belfast

In recent years, the East Belfast Church has become an important support center for the community, providing food aid, fitness classes and shelters.

Mount Marion Diocese Church in the Shadows Kingspan Stadium, When the locals meet there, he spends most of the week volunteering to take care of the community garden, participate in outdoor fitness classes, learn new skills, and help others.

Led by Adrian Green, they have partnered with local schools, businesses and community groups to deliver projects that will benefit everyone.

Speaking to Adrian Belfast Live, he said: “Over the past few years, we have tried to make the Church a real community center and property that will support everyone in the area, especially during the epidemic.

“There is often something here in Food Laura that helps vulnerable people, our one-stop rehabilitation program, fitness classes and the local garden. We are helping with a project to improve the lives of the locals,” he said. Selected as one of the test areas.

In one case, an old grenade was found and the apartment was recently vacated and people even sought shelter for a few hours until a solution was found.

“We are fortunate to be in the heart of a wonderful and close-knit community that is always looking for each other. This free food bar in front of the church can be used by anyone who stands out.” We soon learned that he had left it at the store.

Rachel Irish-Coligan and Reverend Adrian are promoting the Child Fitness Trail around Craig.

Rachel Irish-Coligan, a social worker at the church, said she was disappointed by the support she received when she was in a difficult situation nine years ago.

First from East Belfast, She had moved away from the area to start a family, but when that broke up she first found herself struggling with her son when she returned to Craig with her child.

She says: “After my divorce, when I returned home, I was really struggling to make ends meet.

“But thanks to the Church and the Christian charity, I was finally able to stand on my own two feet and turn things around.

For the first seven years before I was given a full-time role two and a half years ago, it was great to be able to help and support the most vulnerable in my community.

Many people know what happened to me because I grew up in the area and my children go to school here, it makes it easier for some people to come to me for help, because they know I am in my shoes and they know. What it is like to fall in difficult times.

Fitness classes for the community were held along with many other events in the church

Church member Ayne Slater is leading a new pilot project that will see many seniors in the Craigag area acquire wifi and Android tablets to learn how to use the Internet and become more. Connected to their families

He said the church is one of the many pilots who provide one-on-one support to residents learning to use the Internet.

We hope that this new project will open up a new world for our users in collaboration with the Department of Finance and Nie Library.

Seven or eight of our elderly residents are equipped with new tablets, and we teach them how to use them and the Internet.

Most of them have seen their grandchildren using tablets and smartphones and are interested in learning new ways to connect with their families and the world around them.

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