The Cleveland Monsters may have created the best jerseys for 2021

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Cleveland Monsters know how to celebrate National Cookie Day.

Cleveland Monsters know what’s going on. While The Browns and Cavs tried to honor the past with their latest jerseys, The Guardians wore Little League World Series-inspired jerseys this year, and the Cavs tried to embrace Rock Hall with their 2020-2021 City Jerseys, it was the Cleveland Monsters who hit the home run .

Or scored a goal after a dekeing of the defenders and hit a slack shot through the goalkeeper’s five holes. Hockey terms.

Whether you’re a big fan of hockey, a casual or not even aware that Cleveland had a professional hockey team, you’ll want to check out their upcoming jerseys out for their game against the Milwaukee Admirals on December 4th.

Cleveland Monsters goes all the way up to National Cookie Day.

Combining Cleveland Monsters and Sesame Streets Cookie Monster is a stroke of genius, and I wonder if it’s actually being sanctioned properly. Whether or not ‘Street reports on AHL’s Monsters’ subtle use of the Cookie Monster as a way to promote the event and jerseys, it seems unlikely they would try to stand in their way; while the monsters roll out these jerseys as part of a charity fundraiser.

The jerseys will be auctioned off via the Monsters app, and the profits will go to A Special Wish Foundation. The event is also being held to help celebrate former Monster honorary list member Ryan “Cookie” Kuchta. When Kuchta was just 12 years old, he was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma, and now, three years later, Monsters pays tribute to the young man who is cancer free.

So even though the sweaters are neat and who does not love cookies, they serve a greater purpose. They will be used to help fund an organization that is trying to do something good. That alone makes them the best jerseys of the year.

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