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The cost of hosting a controversial ‘Hollywood sign’ to Carmarton is now known


The true value of the welcome sign to Carmarton has been revealed.

The Sign – Words’ Carmarton And “Kafifirdin” – near the center of St. Cleris, on the east side of the 40’s.

Approval for it was approved two years ago, but due to the cholera epidemic, its work will not be completed until 2020. Since the shell supporting the sign to describe the finished product was removed last week, many residents a A combination of confusion and anger On design and primarily on price.

Carmartensher Council It was intended to indicate the exact extent of the mark, but first it was only to ensure that it was part of a larger and larger project to raise the gate from the West to Carmartton – a 4 344,000 27 27-hectare area of ​​nearby swamps. But this only leads to speculation about how much the brand will spend and where that money comes from.

What was the sign like last week ….

…. and how it looks today

On Friday, the Carmart Shisha Council confirmed that the mark had cost 13 136,000 – more than one-third of the total budget.

The council emphasizes that most of the money is funded and not directly from local taxpayers. Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Program Supported from 2014-2020, it is funded by an investment program that supports a variety of activities as well as “partial funding from the Council’s capital program and $ 106 million.”

Despite the costs, it was revealed earlier this week that there were some local councilors He is not happy with the sign, “Not as expected.” The point is – with residents and local councilors – the sign is very similar to the A40, which means drivers are struggling to see it because they are traveling on one of the busiest roads in West Wales.

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Aarn Lennie, a Carmarther councilor, a Carmart resident and former mayor, said: “The idea is to introduce Carmarton to passers-by to let the city know it’s here. A great sign did indeed. Unfortunately, the signal is very similar to the A40 and did not turn out as expected. We would like to examine the options to see if the signal can be transmitted near or near the current location.

It looks like a decision has been made to keep the sign in place. However, the council acknowledged that the project was “not yet complete” and that changes would be needed to meet the current traffic congestion.

In a joint statement issued Friday by Carmartzner Council leader Emlyn Dale, Councilor Lenny and current Council of Carmarthen Mayor John, all three confirmed that 136,000 euros had been spent on the project, out of a total of 4 344,000. Welcome sign.

The statement said, “The West Transit Program is part of the Karmart City Renovation Master Plan (2014-2030) and its main purpose is to encourage visitors and promote the city as a tourist destination and a unique place to live and stay.

“This 4,344,000 project covers an area of ​​27 hectares of the Y Morfa swamp, which will provide indigenous trees and wildflowers, cutting paths and marked roads, art galleries, seating areas and interpretation boards. It has also been built on the entrance to the swamps from Lalanstefan Avenue and P Pictton Terrace to the swamps, as well as a parking lot just outside the original Oak Behavior and Lalanstefan Road.

The revised Welcome Sign is part of this project. The main purpose is to stop visitors and passing traffic in one of Wales’ oldest cities and see what it has to offer instead of going straight through a congested road network. Funding was provided for this large-scale project – a £ 136,000 welcome sign – according to the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Program. – 2014 – 2020, part of the Council’s Capital Program for Rural Development and Welsh Government in the European Agricultural Fund and Section 106.

“The recently installed signal is not yet complete and adjustments may be needed to clearly see traffic and this is being monitored soon. Landscaping and planting work around the sign will also be added in September. The project is part of a broader strategy to revitalize the city of Karnataka, with two consultations involving the local community. ”

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The clarity of the actual cost of the sign does not discourage some people from getting frustrated with the controversial project. One says, “It is still a waste of time and money,” while another says, “In the last days, all this money will be paid by us.”

Someone simply said: “Such a humiliation. The money could have been used for a better project. ”


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