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The COVID-19 vaccine may be required by employers, the federation said


New employers can ask their employees to get COVID-19 vaccines Guide On Friday.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says federal equal employment laws do not limit employers’ incentives to ensure their immunization status. The agency also encouraged employers to use federal resources to help Educate staff and their families about COVID-19 vaccines And their benefits.

The ECC noted in a statement that employers should keep in mind that some individuals or groups may be more likely to receive COVID-19 than others, which may negatively affect immunization requirements.

The agency also warned employers not to provide strong incentives to vaccinate their employees. The policy may affect many hospitals and other providers.

The vaccine will force employees to answer screening questions related to pre-vaccination disabilities, a huge incentive for their employees to report protected medical information, the agency said.

Despite adequate supply of vaccines, demand for vaccines has dropped dramatically in recent weeks. As a result, the BID administration has made a series Policy changes to improve accessibility And address Vaccination hesitation In recent weeks. Regions have also begun to take action, ranging from financial incentives to free beer to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

From E.E.O.O. The latest directive should provide providers and other employers with the transparency and peace of mind they need to help their employees get vaccinated.

Still, most experts agree Increasing access to vaccines through primary care has a significant impact Because people trust your primary care provider about your health care decisions.

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