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The Darlington Post House window has been redesigned


As part of the ongoing redevelopment project, work continues to illuminate the city’s historic pillars and backyards.

Artist Nicki Peacock was designing storefront ideas for Post House Wind in Darlington.

The changes are beginning to unfold, with an active turkey shop in the Wind Café and Bistro with colorful stripes on the front.

The artist said: “As I contemplated the design of the Post House Wind Shop fronts, I sought many colors and bold and new approaches to illuminate the appeal of this attractive and somewhat unregistered street vendor.

Stripes do not go out of style and color lifts spirits. I really wanted Norlington to have its own style – something unforgettable, amazing and fun – in candy-infused shop fronts.

Bistro owner Richard White called the result “excellent.”

We are really happy with the result. It’s great and looks a million percent better. The work in progress is truly promising. The city has a good feeling for her and a lot of potential.

The Darlington Borough Council is leading the project.

Authority leader Claire Heather Scott, for his part, said: “Investing in our heritage, such as historic yards and windmills, is a key part of our vision and commitment to build and move forward. We want to create an invincible urban center in the rich history. Patel’s lashes look amazing. There are a growing number of independent retailers in the yard, and they are real gems. ”

Improved shop fronts – living green walls, decorative lamps, benches, pots, gardeners and works of art are also part of the City’s historic backyards.

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