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The death toll from the British cholera virus has risen to 22 in Birmingham and the Black World


The death toll from cholera in the UK has risen again on Thursday, May 6, with more deaths confirmed in Britain and Wales.

Wales reported 34 new cases, totaling more than 211,000.

Public health reports put the death toll at 5,552 in Wales.

Twenty-one people have died in the UK, eight in the Midlands – Chesterfield Royal, Dudley Group, Royal Wolverhampton, University Hospitals Birmingham, University Hospitals, Derby and Berton and Walsal Health.

There were only three in the Dudley team.

Northern Ireland Zero is registered at Zero in Scotland.

According to NHS UK, a total of 5,228,511 doses were given to people in London between December 8 and May 4, including 3,650,080 vaccines and 1,578,431 second vaccines.

This is a total of 8,077,234 compared to the first 5,588,244 immunizations and 2,488,990 second doses given to people in the Midlands.

A total of 42,408,492 CVD-19 vaccines were administered in the UK between December 8 and May 4, an increase of 310,900 in the previous day, including primary and secondary, according to NS.

NHS England said the first vaccination was 29,124,310, an increase of 99,261 last day and a second increase of 13,284,182, an increase of 211,639.

The government estimates that 27 more people have died in the 28 days since the Covenant-19 positive test began on Wednesday, bringing the total to 127,570.

According to figures released by the British Statistics Agency, 152,000 people were killed in the Covenant-19 death certificate in the UK.

The government said there were 2,144 laboratory-confirmed cases in the UK as of 9 a.m. Wednesday.

It brings the total to 4,425,940.


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