The Diddy & Jermaine Dupri Debate Over Who Got More Hits After Battle Request

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Jermaine Dupri is very unhappy about the fight against Diddy hit-for-hit, and he made that very clear while live with Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg, and Diddy himself.

On Friday, the two artists / producers got into a heated but strange debate over who has more hits, and who wins if they ever face off in a battle. However, Diddy has made it clear that he thinks Dr. Dre is the only person who has the catalog that can compete with him.

Diddy said to Jermaine, “I do not even hear them play your shots. Ayo when they return to the club I do not hear them play any of your shots. I do not hear anyone who shocks Kriss Kross or Bow Wow sh * I want Dre, where is Dre?

Fat Joe and Snoop Dogg told Diddy that Dr. Dre had no interest in having a battle. Anyway, Snoop said he would ask Dre again if he was up for a fight.

Diddy then challenged JD to play five of his best hits right there on Instagram Live, as he was so confident that JD’s hits could not compete with his. However, JD refused to play one of his hits. Instead, he was more interested in signing the papers for Diddy so that the battle could be official.

Nevertheless, through every debate, Diddy made it clear to the viewer that it was all love between him and JD. He said, “Everyone is all friends and family and it’s all love man, there’s nothing.”

Like me in front reportedly, Diddy had already rejected JD’s offer for a fight and said, “Love you my N *** and my arm too short to box to God !!! You do not have enough hits. I beat you with just biggie n Mary. But I have the utmost respect for you as a musical legend – Dre the only one who can come in the ring. – LOVE. “

After watching Diddy and JD and returning to Instagram Live, fans were thrilled by a possible battle between the two. Time will only tell if these two legends will actually look like this.

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