May 7, 2021


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The era of mass COVID-19 vaccines is coming to an end

You no longer need to visit one to get vaccinated because mass vaccination sites are partially closed. Pharmacies in particular have intensified their vaccination campaigns. “You can’t go into a grocery store in this city,” Todd told me. And the local pharmacy is much more convenient than the mass vaccination station around the city.

Vaccination is no longer restricted in many areas. In North Carolina, Mecklenburg County County initially had a 6,000-person immunization list. Recently, Regional Health Department Director Gibi Harris discussed not keeping the list, saying, “No, no one is on it.” Anyone wishing to be on the waiting list has already been vaccinated. The county is also home to Bojangles College, Charlotte, At the end of May. Instead, events, including a motorcycle meeting and a food-truck festival, will provide staff and resources on mobile road vaccination clinics. “We’re looking everywhere,” she says. The department also has an out-of-home program to reach people who are physically unable to attend the clinic.

Although demand for more vaccines is declining in other parts of the country. Appointments in Orange County, California, were full this week; County Deputy Health Officer Regina Chinsio-Kwong said 80 percent is now complete. But she expects mass vaccination sites to fall and disappear. At that time, she said, “We only go out with more mobile or travel groups.” County mobility groups focus on vaccine equity. They are already working with groups such as multi-ethnic cooperative agencies (Mecca) And Latino Health Access Vaccination in unvaccinated neighborhoods. Pharmacies, doctor’s offices and clinics help fill the gap.

This next step will be slow and tedious just because it requires access to people who are very difficult to reach. Instead of thousands of bullets at a time, here are a hundred dozen, a few dozen there. “We need to adjust our expectations,” said Christine Johnson, commissioner of the Milwaukee Health Department, who recently made the announcement. Closure of the city’s multivaccination site. You still have to win 20 weapon shots in one station.

Primary physicians have a role to play It was still limited In the vaccination process, however, they will play an important role in the future. For months, immunization experts have been telling me that trust between a patient and a doctor is the key to convincing people on the fence about vaccines. “This is where the discussion is taking place,” said Saria Saccoyo, co-chair of the Prisma Health Coalition Task Force for Prisma Health in South Carolina. Prisma is currently downloading a multidisciplinary clinic that focuses on administering vaccines by top physicians.