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The FDA, J and JJ have resolved the issue of vaccine contamination at the Baltimore factory


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Johnson & Johnson are waiting to announce that COVID-19 vaccine contamination problems have been addressed at an institution in Baltimore. The Wall Street Journal reported.

U.S. officials told the newspaper that an emergency use permit from the Biosolles Institute could be issued next week to produce the J and J vaccine.

An official has produced millions of vaccines for the Imaging Agency, but most are unfinished and stored in bottles, which means it may take months before all doses are ready.

As part of the initiative, the United States and J&J have agreed to use some 60 million plant-based vaccines in the United States and overseas.

The report comes about a week after emergency chief executive Robert Kramer He spoke to a home panel The factory may begin producing the vaccine “within days.”

Kramer also acknowledged the poor sanitation conditions at the factory and the lack of trained staff. He said the company has been working with the FDA to solve the problems.

FDAM Emergencies has ordered the production of vaccines for the J and J vaccines until 15 million vaccines have been tested for contamination with the two doses of AstraZeneca. The factory was producing both sizes at the time.

Bidin management has acquired AstraZeneca, a new production partner, and AJ and Jane have taken full control of the disaster.

A report released days after the factory shut down indicated that the factory was not in “cleanliness and hygiene” and that there were no measures in place to prevent cross-pollution.

When the emergency occurred, The Hill did not comment on the report.

J and J and FDN arrived to comment.

At the same time, cases involving the factory were revealed due to unusual blood clotting reports from the use of the J and J vaccine.


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