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The first UK trailer for the punk rock romantic comedy ‘Dinner in America’


The first UK trailer for the punk rock romantic comedy ‘Dinner in America’

By Alex Billington
May 28, 2021
Source: YouTube

“Do you think I’m weird?” UK Arrow Video has released a trailer titled Indy Comedy Dinner in America, Already acclaimed as an “instant culture classic”. It was screened at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and has played in many other festivals, including Dublin, Newcastle, Fantasia, Nightstream, Stockholm, Tallinn Black Nights and Calgary Underground. On-the-lamp punk rocker and a young woman suddenly fall in love with his band and go on an epic journey through the decaying Midwestern suburbs of America. “Set the bright original melody, Dinner in America Through the people of the suburbs and in all their strange and chaotic forms – a powerful wild journey through the masses. Welcome to Doll House Collision with Napoleon Dynamite – with an extra dose of endless quote-worthy conversation HeathersDinner in America A DIY love letter to authenticate yourself, find your voice and be a punk AF “” starring ring Kyle Galner And Emily Skegs. This sounds completely crazy – but in a good way! Enjoy

Here is the UK official trailer for Adam Rehmiers Dinner in America, Straight from the arrow YouTube:

Poster on America poster

Oddly enough in a Midwestern suburb, Agro punk rocker Simon (Kyle Galner) found himself fleeing again after the arson incident and another close altercation with police. A face-to-face encounter with cheerful and socially awkward Patty (Emily Skegs) gives her room to humble herself. After the two series went awry, they began to realize that they had more in common than expected. Dinner in America Both are written and directed by American cinematographers / editors / filmmakers Adam Rehmiar, Director of indie films Bonnie Games, Jonas, And HP Lovecraft: Two left arms Previously it originally premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and played at numerous other festivals. Arrow Video will publish Rehmi Dinner in America Live-to-VOD is starting in the UK June 1 This summer. See them Streaming site. No US release date set – contact us for more updates. Want to see someone?

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