The former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ writer admitted he did not know ‘why we did not kill Izzie’ when Katherine Heigl left the show, according to a new book

Katherine Heigl poses with Emmy

Katherine Heigl posed with her Emmy in 2007. Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

  • Katherine Heigl abruptly left “Grey’s Anatomy” in season six of the show.

  • In a new book, a former writer in the show admits that he does not know “why we did not kill Izzie.”

  • Heigl said continuing to make guest appearances on the show felt like it was “manipulative”.

“Grey’s Anatomy” has been on ABC for 18 seasons and counts, so far every fan of the medical drama knows that no matter how popular a character is – no one is sure of a very dramatic death.

Katherine Heigl left the show in 2010 after playing Dr Izzie Stevens for six seasons. Izzie made it live from Seattle, but according to a new book, the fate of the character could have been different.

“I do not know why we did not kill Izzie, I really do not,” Mark Wilding told the editor of Entertainment Weekly in the big Lynette Rice on “How to Save a Life: The Inner Story of Grey’s Anatomy.”

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Heigl and Justin Chambers on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Michael Desmond / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

He said there was “hope” in his colleagues’ minds that Heigl would one day take over the role. “Katie later said she might come back to the show to finish things off a few years later, but that never happened,” Wilding continued.

But another former “Grey’s” writer, Jenna Bans, said in the book that the decision not to kill Izzie was a strictly narrative choice of Creator and then-showrunner Shonda Rhimes. Bans said she remembered the decision because “Shonda felt like it was more of an unexpected path.”

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Heigl and Sandra Oh about “Grey’s Anatomy.” Scott Garfield / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Longtime fans will remember that Izzie survived cancer in season six only to then be fired from Seattle’s Grace-Mercy West for an error for which she blamed her husband Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

Izzie married Alex in season five of “Grey’s Anatomy” though she thought she was dying. She only makes sporadic appearances in season six and eventually serves up Alex’s divorce papers.

The end does not offer much closure, however Heigl told Entertainment Weekly in her 2010 exit interview that the character’s sudden departure “felt like the right thing to do” because she felt that continuing to show up in Seattle and then leaving again was “manipulative” to the audience.

Katherine Heigl over

Heigl on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Scott Garfield / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

In season 16, ten seasons after its original release, we learn that Izzie (off-screen) raises Alex’s twins in Kansas. She used the embryos she had frozen while she had cancer to get pregnant.

When Chambers left the show in the season 16 episode titled “Leave a Light On,” his character Alex points out that he went to Kansas to be with Izzie and the kids. Heigl does not appear in that episode.

“How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy” gives the reader a new insight into the most surprising character releases. It is now available.

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