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The FTSE jumps open even though it is raising Indian COVID charges in the UK


Public Health England has recorded 1,313 UK cases in India, and according to figures released yesterday, the cases have doubled in recent weeks. Photo: Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

European stock markets soared on Friday, as London’s protests rose by more than 7,000 despite concerns over the diversity of the Indian coronavirus spreading through the UK.

FTSE 100 (^ FTSE) increased by 0.71% during the day, while CAC (^ FCHI) in France pushed 0.77% and climbed with the German DAX (^ GDAXI) jumped 0.68%.

The meeting came amid concerns among British officials about the new modification of COVID-19 to spread in the UK.

Public Health England has registered 1,313 cases in the UK known as Indian, and according to figures released yesterday, the cases are now more than twice as high as those seen until May 5.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) says the minister “would not recommend re-establishing economic and social barriers in the region or region if the evidence shows that it is necessary to have or suppress the needs of those who have fled the vaccine.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “We are monitoring the situation closely and we will not hesitate to take action if necessary.”

The next phase of closing closures is due to take place on 17 May. People will be allowed to meet and mingle indoors, including inside bars and restaurants, and in theaters. Some analysts want Monday’s break to be delayed due to the spread of other Indian nationalities.

In London, mines were the lowest on the day hit by the sharp drop in steel prices in China overnight.

Note: The British Prime Minister is concerned about the spread of other Indian nationalities

In the middle of the pool, the future of the S&P 500 (ES = F) were up 0.58%, future Dow (YM = F) rose 0.42%, and the future of Nasdaq (NQ = F) was up 1%.

“Even though US markets managed to reverse some of the damage Wednesday it was clear that Nasdaq’s return was delayed, indicating that perhaps the bias we saw this week will not go away,” Michael Hewson of CMC Market said.

Nasdaq is currently up 1.8% this year, while the Indices have regained hope, the Dow Jones are up 11.1% and the S&P 500 is up 9.5%.

“Shares are very high, replacing some of the damaged stocks in a very difficult week. Fed officials have been working to curb inflationary pressures,” said Neil Wilson of Markets.com.

“Governor Christopher Waller said prices would not rise until policymakers saw long-term inflation or exorbitant inflation, saying the Fed would need to see a few months’ notice.

“He also pointed out that there are” minor “flaws” between the growing number of working people and the people’s desire / ability to find work. “

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Ahead of the data, traders should simply look at the most recent U.S. sales figures for April, which will be released today. The market consortium expects trade growth of about 1.1%.

Asian shares rose overnight after Wall Street reversed a three-day loss with a major market meeting sponsored by technology companies and banks.

Large-scale semiconductor production units led to Asia, where almost all markets were significantly open.

Nikkei of Japan 225 (^ N225) added 2.32% while Hang Seng in Hong Kong (^ HSI) rose 1.16%. Shanghai Composite List (000001.SS) rose 1.78%.

The market in Seoul was boosted by the profits of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, which rose after announcing plans to increase their investment in chip production and development.

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