The Galactus just sets a deadly ticking clock on the Marvel Universe

In Fantastic Four: Life Story # 4, Galactus’s Herald Silver Surfer arrives on Earth and gives them a massive warning about Galactus.

Attention! Spoiler for Fantastic Four: Life Story # 4 by DC Comics below

In the Fantastic Four: Life Story Universe, the Silver Surfer has arrived on Earth and gives the ultimate warning over Galactus. In the comic, the Herald of Galactus delivers a devastating speech about his master’s intent on Earth, warns the inhabitants of the planet that they had ten years before he destroyed everything in the name of cosmic equilibrium – and it can do nothing about it. .

Fantastic Four: Life Story is a decade-exciting book that tells the story of Marvel’s First Family but has the characters in real time. In the 1960s, the group originally came to the galactus, which Reed Richards obsessed with fighting the cosmic giant. Unfortunately, his obsession led to a divorce with Sue Storm, and the team was further splintered though a nuclear missile from Russia killed Johnny Storm. To complicate matters, Dr. Doom and the thinker have their own plans to rule the planet and deal with the Devourer of Worlds.

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In the Fantastic Four Life Story # 4 by Mark Russell, Sean Izaakse, Franceso Manna, and Nolan Woodward, the story goes fast back to the 1990s. After the incident with the Soviets, Reed Richards received the funding he needed to create a defense perimeter in space for the Galactus. The Fantastic Four learn that Galactus is coming, and when they think he arrived a few years later, they are hit by the Silver Surfer, who simply decimates the defense that Reed had built in seconds. Surfer goes to the UN and tells him People of the Earth it’s too late for them – the Galactus is coming.

The surfer’s warning is brutal, because he tells them the galactus is a thousand times stronger than him, and he breaks easily through their best defenses. He tells everyone to make peace and finds meaning before Galactus comes ten years after the date he gave the warning. In 1999, the Fantastic Four were honored when the people of Earth realized that there might not be many holidays coming. The test for issue five makes the Galactus arrival.

It’s a tricky question because Reed Richards had decades to prepare for Galactus, and when he finally gets the funding he needs to stop him, the Devourer of World’s Herald destroys the last line of defense in seconds. It’s hard to imagine that you know the exact date when your world will be destroyed. Galactus showed why he is one of the most feared evils of Marvel without even making an appearance. Elo, den Fantastic four will have to find a solution to stop the cosmic Juggernaut before it’s too late.

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