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The grandmother effect: How female southern resident killer whales care for their families


In December, The Washington Post published The story about J19, or ShchiJason Bittle, a Southern resident killer whale journalist, has admiringly called “a boss”.

shchi was born in 1979. in 2005, He J 41 . gave birth toAlso called eclipse. and in 2015, Eclipse gives birth to J51, Nova, Shachi’s grandson.

CBCNews.ca. Click here to see a 2019 graphic of the J-Pod family trees via.

as bittel wrote, Shachi played a major caring role in raising Nova. Shachi helped ensure that Nova made it through her early years, even though Chinook salmon, the southern residents’ main source of food, were scarce at the time of Nova’s birth and Nova’s mother, Eclipse, was still young and young. was inexperienced.

scientists call it “Grandma Effect” — and it has a real, measurable effect on killer whale survival.

According to a 2019 study, Granny whales are so important to kill families that “the death of a grandmother reduces the survival of her male and female grandchildren in the two years following her death.”

This is one reason of study Why female Southerners live so long – and why they, like humans, are one of the few species that go through menopause, the authors wrote. the study found that grandmother killer whales that are beyond the reproductive stage of their lives are “more effective helpers” for young whales.

“Grandmother Gives Her Granddaughter Survival Benefit,” Author found it.

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