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The Hawkeye trailer shows Marvel’s two opposing adaptation processes

We grab the ‘Hawkeye’ trailer, celebrate its many comic book references, and consider how it chooses to adapt its source material differently than the current ‘What If …?’ Series.

The Hawkeye trailer shows Marvel’s two opposing adaptation processes

Marvel Studios

Vun Brad Gullickson Published on September 15, 2021

Astonished Explained is our ongoing series where we take a look at the latest Marvel shows, movies, trailers, and news to divine the future of the franchise. This entry explores the new Hawkeye trailer vs What If …? Episode 6 and how their relationship with the source material differs drastically. Yes, prepare for SPOILERS.

There is an enormous amount of energy spinning around the first trailer for Marvel’s Hawkeye. This excitement seems obvious to some but perhaps a little baffling to others. Why should we take care of the guy with the arrows? Jeremy Renner was neither Chris Evans nor Chris Hemsworth. Fans did not bother to find other hot Jeremys to wage war.

Well, the runner has very little to do with the joy that is rumored on the internet over the announcement for the upcoming Disney + series. It’s the content that matters, and it’s how Disney uses one of their most popular source materials to inject enthusiasm where it has never been before. And this weapon of the comic books is very different from their current approach in What if…? Series.

The comic book inspiration for the Hawkeye TV series

With faction in the David Aja‘s Hawkeye Comic Book of 2012 is one of the most popular Marvel storylines of the last ten years. Scratch that, the last twenty years. Scratch that, jee. The initial construction is valuable road level. Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye, aka Hawkguy) decides to step up and help his neighbors when their landlord catastrophically increases rents.

From there, partner him with his Young Avengers copy Kate Bishop, and the two of them step into a dark underworld populated by annoying pranksters and mobsters with supervillain connections.

In the Hawkeye Trailer, Hailee SteinfeldKate Bishop is in front and in the center. Her comic book counterpart is far droller than the fangirl we see here, pushing Clint into a more mentor role. She was taken to his Ronin personality of Avengers: Final game, and she attracts the attention of the enemies he made when he was imprisoned in his darkest, most horrible moment.

Meet the Draculas tracksuit

On the whole Hawkeye Trailer, we see several bald goons wrapped in training printers. These bumblebees are straight from the faction in the Aja series. They are the Tracksuit Draculas, Brought Eastern European mobsters to drive Clint and his friends out of the neighborhood. Their egos are as strong as their numbers, and they are happy to mock their enemies by punctuating their sentences with “Bro”.

While we do not hear a single “bro” in the trailer, we see the word painted over the truck that Kate Bishop explodes with Clint’s non-lethal arrow. These punks have sparked a lot of discussions online this week, and it’s clear that if “Bro” is not rattled endlessly during the show, fans will betray tears.

Happy, the pizza dog

Even more important for the faction and the Aja’s Hawkeye BDen ass Happy, the pizza dog. This little baby starts the series as a guard dog for the tracksuit Draculas, but during Clint’s first rumble with them, Pooch jumps sides, defending Hawkeye from his masters. From this point on in the series, Lucky is just another Avenger sidekick, so popular that he even got his own solo adventure and Hawkeye # 11.

Lucky symbolizes the resilience required in the superhero game. To do it in Marvel Comics, you have to learn to take a hit. Lucky has suffered so much, but he keeps coming back and fighting the good fight. The same can be said for Clint Barton.

The Hawkeye Trailer goes out of his way to show the punishment Clint receives as a thank you for his heroism. When he says goodbye to his daughter, we find a hearing aid in his ear. This also comes from the faction and Aja Run in the comics, and it shows how there are physical consequences for putting yourself in danger.

A beaten and bloody Hawkeye

Captain America and Thor do not have to worry about corporal punishment. They keep beating and ticking. Hawkeye does not have that luxury. And what we’re in the trailer for Hawkeye Series is how brutal it can be for Clint Barton to jump off the roof and throw himself into a gang war.

Jeremy Renner sells these headlines and falls. His hawkeye can barely take it anymore, collapses and stills and slaps ice packs on his broken face. These cuts and currents are critical to the faction’s appeal and Aja’s comic. How do you differentiate Clint Barton from Steve Rogers? You suffer in the pain that Clint experiences every time he is happy to walk away from a fight.

What if … Killmonger saved Tony Stark?

The worship of the Hawkeye Trailer shows for a particular comic book storyline is an extremely different honor than the one shown in it What if…? Series. The animated adventures do not seek to sell you on a single character. They push your excitement towards the multiverse. They hype you for SpiderMann: Kee Wee Heem in the Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

To achieve your happiness, dive into it Marvel Cinematic Universe and not the Comic Book source material. This week’s episode, “What if … Killmonger saved Tony Stark?“Take us back to the beginning, and show how the presence of Killmonger in Afghanistan at the time when the Ten Rings attacked the Strong Convoy radically changed the MCU timeline. Any deviation is a high-five to the longtime MCU stands.

Your enjoyment depends on how invested you are in what came before in the movies, not the comic books. As you return as Leonardo DiCaprio enters Once upon a time in Hollywood, Watch references left and right, you get an endorphin rush, compensation for your commitment.

What if the killmonger saved Tony Stark

Marvel Studios

Only the MCU could answer What if …?

When we talked to the production designer Paul Lasaine about What if…?‘s visual anhale with the previous films, he assured us that he ate the MCU, slept and breathed.

“I did not go that far to read all the comics,” he said, “because that’s a life. But, in our department, we had a big screen TV showing every single one of the Marvel movies on a 24-hour schedule. Loop played. They were just always there. “

What if…? could only come from Marvel Studios. They have taken the time, made a crazy assortment of building blocks and can now rearrange them in different ways to tell new stories. And to say in this What if…? Sidequests, they strengthen their previous efforts. Phase four strengthens the MCU.

We will heart Hawkeye

Where Marvel has total confidence in the products they have developed over the years, they are also not afraid to tweak and improve. Clint Barton has never triggered insane fever under the MCU fanbase. If anything, he ignored mockery, his family farm sequence is a considered little place inside Avengers: Age of Ultron. Let us not even begin to discuss how his Avengers: Final game survival trumps the Black Widow even before she gets her big screen showcase.

However, the MCU had Matt Fraction and David Aja’s comic series on their backs. They were waiting for these gems to fall on their film audience, with Clint Barton’s painful humanity as his biggest attraction, not defect. If the translation works, we could detect a massive swelling of the Hawkeye fan community.

Kate Bishop is the best Hawkeye

Hawkeye Trailer Kate Bishop

Marvel Studios

Of course, the Hawkeye Series is not about strengthening Jeremy Renner’s credibility as an action star. How the Black widow Film, we see a baton of one hero pass into the next. When the Disney + series is over, we have another Hawkeye in the game, and it’s the great version.

Kate Bishop can do anything Clint can do, but better. When she tells him that she is “the greatest archer in the world”, we should believe her. Her skills consistently exceed Clint and the comics, but perhaps more importantly, she spends her life together in a way he does not.

MCU Clint does not struggle with the life situation like his comic book alter ego, but clearly spent his time as Ronin and the death of Black Widow his soul. The movie Clint may not show his kids the pain that runs through him and the feeling of failure around him, but he will tell Kate everything. And Kate, in return, will help him sort out his demons.

Based on the Hawkeye Trailer, we wade into an adventure saga with two injured dynamos. They are the best at what they do, but they can not reach their full potential together. And while the Avengers can’t be bothered with low levels like the Draculas tracksuit, Clint and Kate have nothing better to do. It’s time to save the friendly neighborhood.

Hawkeye Premiere at Disney + November 24.

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