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The Home Depot store opening hours today


Whether you plan to spend the weekend refurbishing or need an emergency repair, we have good news: Home Depot is open on Memorial Day.

Some people like to relax and celebrate long weekends by doing as little relaxation as possible by the pool. Others love to use it to advance home improvement projects that they have neglected (see you!).

For the busy bees out there, Home Depot will open on Memorial Day with all the equipment and supplies you need. Plus, they even have Memorial Day sales throughout the weekend!

Home Depot on the anniversary of the sale

Most people associate Home Depot with gadgets and appliances, but they also sell a wide range of hardware and furniture. Home Depot Memorial Day Sale is a great time to replace old appliances or get new outdoor furniture – you can get up to 50% off.

Until Monday, May 31, Home Depot is also offering up to 50% off tools and gardening supplies. This might be the chance you’ve been waiting for to set up your summer backyard!

What are Home Depot’s opening hours on Memorial Day?

Like Walmart, most Home Depot locations will be open during normal business hours on Memorial Day in 2021. Typically, that means From 8 AM to 8 PM.

However, before freeing up space in your truck, we recommend calling your local store or checking the company’s website just to be sure.

For future reference, Home Depot is open on most public holidays. Usually the only holidays Home Depot closes are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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