May 9, 2021


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The horror that you need to stream in May 2021

Welcome HorrorScope, A monthly column puts horror nerds and starts up-to-date on all genres of content coming and going from your favorite streaming services. Here is a guide to all the necessary horror streaming in May 2021.

Boil on us and May on the guru!

Depending on the hemisphere you live in, spring brings the joy of all kinds of flowers. And you know, streaming services have been equally plentiful this month. We got the hot expected genre hire that sparked the festival circuit. We’ve got new revelations from big names who may or may not have gotten rid of the “The Bider Cut” title earlier this year. And we’ve got the old Great which is spicy blindness in some and comfortable for others to revisit.

For a full picture of what horrible falls are coming and what is going on from your favorite streaming services in May, please have the calendar in hand, please make sure the complete list below.

Month Pick: St. Maud (2019)

Summary: There, but of the grace of God, goes Maud, a well-known and newly devout nurse who came up with the idea of ​​saving Amanda’s soul, is a retired dancer whose body has been stricken with cancer. Because of Mao’s passion for saving “degenerate” Amanda examiners, Mao threatened to destroy the devotee’s intense faith because of his less sacred past than his own.

Writer-director debut debut feature Rose glass – which premiered in 2019 at the Toronto International Film Festival in the Midnight Madness program – is a cool story of faith, insanity and a vague line between them. Catholicism has long served the horror genre and Saint Mother A suitable new disciple, consistent like choice Angel’s mother, Joan And Kerry Morphide ClarkMoud’s performance as drunk is as enchanting, an unusually impulsive instability that defines many more disturbing characters in the movie. The horror film does an incredibly good job of weeping in the waters of dogmatism and paranoia; Gradually bringing our misguided martyrs to the world in a frenzy of anxiety. Everyone says: Praise be to God, St. Maud.

Available on Amazon Prime and Hulu from May 13th.

Heckin’s best film about a girl and her interracial, the alienation of a mutilated nightmare

Psycho Gorman

Summary: What is the worst thing to see buried in your backyard? Really big worms? Skeletons of old pets? Well, when the brothers and Mimi and Luke go digging, they see something big, unexpected, and bloodthirsty: an evil ancient alien world that wants to destroy the universe. At first, it’s all fun and games and “uses magic pink amulets to force the evil aliens to submit to their child’s jokes.” But after resurrecting the creature, whom they call Psycho Gorman (or PG for short), the siblings accidentally send a signal into space informing the aliens of the presence of another, retired, PG. Suddenly their small-town suburban home became a blood-soaked, intercontinental battlefield.

I know what you’re thinking: Extra Terrestrial ET If that little alien galaxy was humanoid crazy to take charge of, enter hell: Psycho Gorman (2020), Dreams of the latest fever Canceled Writer-director Steven Kostansky. Unlike other “child-friendly monsters” flicks, Psycho Gorman Not only does Gore deliver it it provides Gore “tearing off part of your body and fighting you with it”. So is it just May? Our own Rob Hunter has already announced this child-bursting, this year’s film Inter-World Gorfest.

One game callback at a time before CGI arrives and everyone’s late-fuel fun is wasted, Psycho Gorman You are one perfect bleed of high intelligence stupidity that wants to fool you. Plus, Nita-Josi Hana ‘You are arguably the happiest stupid thing to be responsible for watching this year in the role of Mimi. You can’t help but laugh.

Shaddar arrived on 20th May

Zombie hist? Bokchandra Hist

Army of Dead Streaming could be 2021

Summary: A former military man is pulled from retirement for one last job. Heard before? Just wait. This one has a zombie. It is the heir of defeat! The goal? A profitable vault located at the bottom of the Las Vegas Strip. Catch? The city is at the center of an unauthorized outbreak. Oh, all right, and the government is sniffing the whole city in thirty-two hours. But there is so much cash and glory in the line, it’s a gamble to accept.

Dead army (2021) promises the mainstream fusion of two genres of film: a high-partner hist and an unveiled troupe. The embers have barely cooled Jack SnyderIts widely discussed four-hour long director’s cut Justice League. But look, you can’t show me a zombie showgirl and No. I hope to lose my mind it gives a completely new meaning to the quote “There is always a young man and a hanger coming down the stairs after you” “Like, yes, and he will probably tear your Achilles tendons with your teeth!

Dead army This will be Snyder’s first campaign outside the DC Extended Universe since the 2010s Sucker Punch. The horror film also marks interesting returns in a variety of forms. From birth to death, George A. A high-octane remake of Romero’s 1978 classic announced the debut of Snyder’s feature film in 2004. So we’re here almost two decades later, where it started: Zombies! Acting Dave Bautista In the lead roles with hired guns like Ella Purnell and Tig Notaro, Dead army Proud of the less visible (zombified) side of Snyder, so make us colorful!

Arriving at Netflix on May 21st

A vampire throwback of the Horror Master with the newly announced project

Robid Kronenberg

Summary: After a motorcycle accident causes her body to cry, Rose follows a basic, experimental surgical procedure. He rose from the ordeal into one piece. In fact, he appeared with a few… extra pieces. Namely: a phallic in his armpit, vampiric attachment and an insatiable thirst for human blood. As the thirst for roses began to spread throughout Montreal the forces that failed to contain the outbreak increased.

We close the month of April with this announcement The boys (David Cronenberg and longtime collaborator Vigo Mortensen) Back in town. Seven years have passed since the publication Map of the stars And the Canadian purifier Baron of Blood is back in Saddle, Babu. Not only that, he’s returning to his old project, Crime of the future, Its second (almost) feature length film. And if Cronenberg really goes back to his old works, we should do the same.

It has two aspects Rabid (1977) Coins. His inevitable debate has to do with the former. The horror film was a direct and counter-reaction to the criticism and censorship Cronenberg faced with his first commercial film Shower. If the media wants to call her films obscene, why not cast a former porn actress Marilyn Chambers As a sympathetic lead? It would be a mistake to dismiss the other side of the coin (not related to the former) Rabid As the “armpit sex movie”. Rabid Fundamentally, public-national institutions are about failing to control and manage the public health crisis. So for all its intriguing violence and psycho-sexual imagery, representing the film’s inaction during the outbreak is truly its more tumultuous legacy.

Arrived at HBO Max on 1st May

Incoming horrible horror this month

Fresh Blood: A list of all the horror content that came to streaming services in May 2021.

Streaming service Movies Date
Amazon Prime Video Alien: Resurrection (1997) May 1
Amazon Prime Video Alien 3 (1992) May 1
Amazon Prime Video Aliens (1986) May 1
Amazon Prime Video Priest (2011) May 1
Amazon Prime Video Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) May 1
Amazon Prime Video Resident Ev Will (2002) May 1
Amazon Prime Video Hunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013) May 1
Amazon Prime Video Sixth Sense (1999) May 1
Amazon Prime Video St. Maud (2019) May 13
Arrows Threshold (2020) May 3
Arrows Versace (2000) May 3
Arrows Zombie Nightmare (1987) May 14
Arrows Reflected Skin (1990) May 14
Criteria Channel Fall (2019) May 25
HBO is the highest Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) May 1
HBO is the highest Anaconda (1997) May 1
HBO is the highest Cursed (2005) May 1
HBO is the highest Rabid (1977) May 1
HBO is the highest The Witch of Eastwick (1987) May 1
Hulu Crazy (2010) May 1
Hulu Good Night Mother (2014) May 1
Hulu Hannibal Rising (200)) May 1
Hulu Hunting in Connecticut (2009) May 1
Hulu Hunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013) May 1
Hulu I Legend (2007) May 1
Hulu Resident Evil: Survival (2010) May 1
Hulu Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) May 1
Hulu Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) May 1
Hulu Train from Busan (2016) May 1
Hulu Vampires in Brooklyn (1995) May 1
Hulu The Willing (2016) May 1
Hulu St. Maud (2019) May 13
Hulu Surveillance (2021) May 21
IMDB TV Alien (1979) May 1
IMDB TV Favorite (1998) May 1
IMDB TV Team (2010) May 1
IMDB TV Warm Body (2013) May 1
Netflix Resident Evil: Survival (2010) May 1
Netflix Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) May 1
Netflix Jumboland (2009) May 1
Netflix The Darkest Time (2011) May 1
Netflix Strange House (2021) May 14
Netflix Dead Army (2021) May 21
Trembling Wicker Man (1973) May 1
Trembling Haunted Mountain House (1959) May 1
Trembling Haunted Mountain House (1999) May 1
Trembling 13 Ghosts (1960) May 1
Trembling Curse of the Giant (1958) May 1
Trembling Franken Hooker (1990) May 4
Trembling Fried Barry (2021) May 7
Trembling Satter (2019) May 10
Trembling Hunter Weather (2019) May 10
Trembling Funeral Home (2020) May 10
Trembling Tricster (2020) – full season May 13
Trembling Counting (2021) May 13
Trembling American Mary (2012) May 17
Trembling Timeout (2014) May 17
Trembling Found (2012) May 17
Trembling Def by Temptation (1990) May 18
Trembling Black Rose (1988) May 18
Trembling PG: Psycho Gorman (2021) May 20
Trembling Werewolf (2019) May 24
Trembling Machines (2013) May 24
Trembling Windmill (2016 2016) May 24
Trembling Skulls: Masks (2021) May 27
Pipe Warm Body (2013) May 1
Pipe Curve (2015) May 1
Pipe Dark Falls (2019) May 1
Pipe Exciting: The Initiation (2004) May 1
Pipe Please: Occupy (2014) May 1
Pipe Hostel: Volume III (2011) May 1
Pipe Rosewood Lane (2011) May 1
Pipe Crazy (2010) May 1
Pipe Rise (2005) May 1
Pipe Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) May 1
Pipe Australia (2018) May 15
Pipe Blair’s Witchcraft Project (1999) May 21

Horror titles are coming to an end soon

Streaming service Movies Date
HBO is the highest Annabelle Comes Home (2019) May 16th
HBO is the highest Black Christmas (2019) May 31
HBO is the highest Shadow Book: Blair Witch 2 (2000) May 31
HBO is the highest Die Not Dead (2019) May 31
HBO is the highest Death Becomes Her (1992) May 31
HBO is the highest Jaw (1975) May 31
HBO is the highest Jaba 2 (1978) May 31
HBO is the highest Bad luck (1990) May 31
HBO is the highest Scream (1996) May 31
HBO is the highest Scream 2 (1997) May 31
HBO is the highest Scream 3 (2000) May 31
HBO is the highest Shawn of the Dead (2004) May 31
Hulu Victor Frankenstein (2015) May 1
Hulu 26 weeks later (200)) May 31
Hulu Bug (1975) May 31
Hulu Episode 4 (1974) May 31
Hulu So I Married an X-Murder (1993) May 31
Hulu Source (2006) May 31
Hulu Gifts (2000) May 31
Hulu Tenant (1976) May 31
Hulu Vampires in Brooklyn (1995) May 31
Hulu Young Frankenstein (1974) May 31
Netflix House at the end of the road (2012) May 7
Netflix Blair’s Witchcraft Project (1999) May 31
Netflix The boy (2016. May 31