The hottest electronics you need to get results this summer at the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival


If you want to be comfortable, to relax, or even to stay warm this summer, there is something for everyone.

MAnila, Philippines – What are you up to this summer? Although we all stay home, there are still many ways to have a memorable summer. You may remember this summer as a time when you finally achieved those fitness goals, or improved your photography or playing skills, or discovered exciting new ways to fight the heat with your family.

5.5 Super Brands Festival 2021

Whatever your plans for the summer, you need electronics to help you get the most out of it. Find all the gadgets and accessories you need for your summer activities at Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival. These items are on sale only until May 5, so check out your shopping cart now!

5.5 Efficiency of Branding Festival Stay
5.5 Brands Festival Ability to Stay

Working on your fitness goals this summer? Whip healthy foods in a whip Fast Pot Smart Cooking, Prepares food up to 70x fast. For protein smoothies you can drink on the go, Hawaiian indoor mix He easily drinks fruits and vegetables in one minute. dress up Huawei Smart Watch During the next exercise. It can take you to built-in workouts such as exercise at work, full body stretching and Father Rip. Then use Realme Smart Balance To monitor your progress. It can calculate your body fat content and muscle mass using advanced algorithms.

5.5 Release of Super Brands Festival
5.5 Release of Super Brands Festival

This summer you will finally have time to relax in your favorite pastime! Keep it on your watch list I live in the Y30. With HD + resolution, 5000 mAh battery capacity and eye protection mode, you can enjoy the best viewing experience. If you want to swipe in a photograph, explore mobile shooting Opo A74 5G48MP main camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP deep camera. Discover new online games LG Game Control. You will not experience any delays during the amazing 1ms response.

Shop 5.5 Brands Holiday Keeping Cool
Shop 5.5 Brands Holiday Keeping Cool

Relieve the summer heat with XTREME air conditioning, Has 5600Btu / h cooling capacity and several fan speeds. You don’t have to go out for an ice cream run when you’re done Jonas ice cream maker. Use bananas, berries or mangoes to create healthy soft ice cream. Your gadgets should also be cool, as they are very hot in the summer. Your laptop in Send a laptop stop, Has six fans with adjustable wind speeds.

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