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The Irish Hackathon is offering 4.5K in Awards to Build a Green Economy From Space


The online event runs from 19 – 20 June

National Space Center (NSC) in partnership with Munster Technological University The (MTU) is hosting the first in a series of six hackathons focused on using satellite data and signals to drive innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship with galaxy technology. The theme of the hackathon, Digitizing Green Spaces, encourages participants to develop solutions to global challenges and make a sustainable impact on the Earth. Participants will be supported in the use of satellite imagery and signals to develop their solutions.

“Hacker is just a term for someone who can apply a skillset to a problem,” he explains Dr. Niall Smith, Head of Research at MTU. “If you have a business idea that is scalable and has the potential to address a global problem, the Cassini Hackathon will bring experience to how the fast -growing space sector can provide you with a competitive approach you may not have. yet to be imagined. “

The competition is open to anyone over 18 including students, startups, businesses and people or organizations with challenges that can be addressed with satellite data. Irish organizers prepare people from computer science, marketing, business, design, environmental studies and more. Participants can register with teams or sign up as individuals to be matched to a team before the competition begins. The teams will be supported by business, technical, and marketing workshops included.

The Irish hackathon is being organized by the NSC on behalf of Opponent Start-ups to the European Commission for Innovative Initiative (CASSINI), the European program to safeguard the business applications of digital technologies in the space. The Irish teams will compete against teams from nine other EU countries over the weekend of 19th and 20th June, and first place the Irish team in the European finals in July.

The competition in Ireland is sponsored by Blacknight Internet Solutions, with prizes of € 2,500, € 1,500 and € 500 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the teams. Each of the teams will also receive a .earth domain and a Minimus hosting package for one year from Blacknight. Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight, said, “We are excited to support this event, and to see ideas come out over the weekend. Hackathons like CASSINI are a great way to nurture new ideas and new approaches in the green spaces of “We’re a fan of showcasing Irish innovation, so it’s natural for us to sponsor prizes that will help winners showcase their prototypes and build indigenous businesses in Ireland.”

Sign ups, tools, and lots of information can be found at https://hackathons.cassini.eu/

Image Caption: MTU 3rd year marketing student Luke Otter outside Bishop Lucey Park in Cork City. Luke’s team plans to look at the rise of lush green spaces by identifying opportunities for pocket parks that use satellite imagery. Photo Credit: NSC

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