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The top Giants offensive player entered the training ground in his uniform Wednesday morning for the first time since October 17.

“If I can play, I definitely think I can help the team a lot,” said Andrew Thomas.

The problem is that Thomas didn’t play. He has missed 4½ of the Giants’ last five games due to his left ankle and right foot. injuries. Nor is he expected to play in Tampa on Monday night.

And the Giants (3-6) have little chance of coming back in the second half if Thomas doesn’t come back healthy.

The return to training on Wednesday was a step in the right direction. The Giants opened a three-week window to add Thomas to the active roster, marking him for his return from injured reserve.

But it was just a baby step, a quick step. Coach Joe Judge has hinted at low expectations for an immediate comeback, saying that Thomas will be on the court “at least to start training with us”.

NS giants crime‘s success in recent years depends on the presence of his left forward in his second year.

Playmaker: “He played really well for us before he got injured” Daniel Jones said Wednesday. “He’s a great player and is working hard to come back.”

Thomas, 22, is critical as he allows offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to call.

He worked hard to the left of Matt Peart and to the right of Nate Solder. But without Thomas, the Giants had to creatively plan for their inability to consistently protect the quarterback.

They carried Jones’ pocket with presentations (especially against Carolina), ran heavily, and added unorthodox summons and formations such as the college option, Wildcat, pistol, and Wishbone.

“It’s kind of like a sweet-and-sour feeling,” Thomas said of Jones’ recent failure to keep his blunt side. “I’m excited for my teammates to watch them play. They work hard and play well. At the same time, I want to help my teammates win.”

Judge’s team has already won two of the last three games. Still, living on the fringes with little margin of error while relying on a conservative, low-scoring approach is unsustainable.

“It has a lot to do with the defense you play, how they play you and what you do well offensively,” Jones said of the Giants’ patient offensive approach. “Understanding that and incorporating that into your decision making and what you’re trying to do with the ball in certain games is a big part of playing the game and playing the position.”

Either Thomas has been out of the field for too long trying to play due to a left ankle injury, or the Giants medical staff have unwisely let him play, depending on your comment.

Thomas, Giants’ number 4 general election He had surgery to his left ankle in the 2020 NFL Draft last January and was injured again in the Week 4 New Orleans win.

He took a Week 5 loss at Dallas, but when he started Week 6 against the Rams, Thomas’ failure to defend himself on a bad ankle caused a nasty injury to his right foot in the second quarter.

Rams safety was blocking Taylor Rapp in a running game when Thomas began limping with his left foot in the air. At the same time, the inner pile of players gathered on Thomas’ right foot, which supported his weight. It fell in a pile and hasn’t played since.

Thomas said on Wednesday that he doesn’t regret trying to play on his bad left ankle.

“Not necessarily,” he said. “My mentality is that if I can play I will try to be there. If I’m hurting my team, then that’s when we make the decision to take me off the game: the coaches and a bit of myself. But I’m trying my best to play as much as I can.”

He also agreed that players sometimes need coaches or coaches to hold back eager players so they can see the bigger picture.

“You definitely want to play for your teammates as a player,” he said. “The season is long and you only have a few opportunities. So you want to take advantage of the opportunity and sometimes a coach or coach has to say, ‘Maybe you can take another week,’ or take your time and make sure it heals completely.”

Thomas says he’s spent the past month rehabilitating, conditioning, and observing himself in his game at the start of the season in the training room. He stayed in New Jersey for the goodbye week and continued rehab at the facility.

Because he had bad two feet, he kept up his cardio by running in the pool and Alter-G, the anti-gravity treadmill, which “basically reduces your weight so you don’t run at your full bodyweight capacity.” said.

“Both of them [injuries] It is progressing quite well.” “I definitely made some progress on the field last week. I ran a little. [Tuesday] with the coaches.”

Thomas said he could see in the movie that their duos in the running game needed some improvement, but in the rust protection, “I fixed a lot of things with my set and my hands.”

“I think I’ve made a lot of progress this year,” Thomas said. “I was playing at a pretty good level. I felt like I was getting better each week. I try to do my best when I get back there.”

The Giants’ Week 4 win in New Orleans was a prime example of what Thomas could do for the offense. Jones was not sacked and was shot only six times. He stepped back and sent the ball confidently onto the field, scoring 27 points in one overtime.

Thomas had a disastrous preseason finale against the Patriots from the rearview mirror. He said quite consistently that he “guided the rusher to where I wanted him to be,” by consistently adjusting the optimal angle to get his block.

Therefore, we can say that no one is more frustrated by Thomas’ long absence than he is.

“It feels good to be back on the field with friends,” he said on Wednesday.

The hope is that practice will turn into play soon and the Giants can start this offense.

“There are other guys who can handle it without me,” Thomas said. But my goal is to be there and do my best to help the team.”

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