The Kyle Rittenhouse case and closing arguments

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(Swimming pool)
(Swimming pool)

Defense attorney Mark Richards praised Kyle Rittenhouse’s lengthy testimony before the jury last week and said the prosecution failed to undermine his client’s credibility.

“Can Mr. Binger pick him and find out little things about him? A bit,” said Richards, referring to the 18-year-old Rittenhouse attorney general Thomas Binger. “A little.”

“Did it hurt your credibility?” Richards continued. “I do not think so.”

Richards went on to say that Rittenhouse made the decision to testify in her own defense—a move often considered risky in criminal cases because she wanted the jury to hear her perspective on what happened that night.

“Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t have the witness stand to tell his story,” Richards said. “Told through video. He wanted you as the judges to hear about his personal experience of night 25.”

“He knew that Mr. Binger would question him for hours, and he was willing to stand on the witness stand and take the oath and tell his story as best he could, and he did,” Richards added.