The landlord wants the former tenant to pay $ 280,000 for rowdy pandemic parties

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A furious landlord has demanded that a former tenant pay for damages after hosting a number of rowdy “pandemic parties”.

The owners of an apartment in New York want a problematic ex-tenant – who is alleged turned the place into a noisy nightclub during the pandemic – to cough up nearly $ 400,000 in costs for repairs and other expenses, new court papers show.

Kurt David, 31, finally left $ US16,000 a month ($ A22,000) two floors 81 Hudson St. pad in June after the owner, identified as Eisdorfer 60 LLC, sued him for the violent parties he allegedly held during the pandemic – and where a 17-year-old took a drunkenness down the stairs.

The owners filed a new lawsuit in Manhattan’s Supreme Court on Tuesday, demanding a total of $ 282,670 from David and his mother Jean Elbaum-David – who also signed the lease – for four months’ unpaid rent, late fees, criminal charges against the Department of Building and Sanitation. , legal fees and the cost of completely renovating the site, the court papers claim.

The landlord claims the company had to pay $ 149,559 to restore the apartment to what it was before David destroyed it.

Specifically, the group claims that they had to replace broken appliances, window screens, balcony and roof coverings, faucets, the sound system, the security and camera system, intercom, window panes, plasterboard, wooden floors and a toilet seat.

The owners also say that they had to repaint the entire unit, repair the electrical system and bring in powerful cleaners, the application claims.

“They just got out of that apartment without regard for anyone’s well-being, including their own,” Eisdorf’s lawyer Melissa Levin told Stolpen. “My client hopes that they will be able to get compensation and recover from the courts.”

Elbaum-David’s lawyer and David did not immediately return requests for comment.

This article originally appeared in New York Post and reproduced with permission