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Y: The last manhis long way to the screen is longer than his life on screen.

Showrunner Eliza Clark and star Amber Tamblyn have recorded Twitter a Sunday to announce that the adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s beloved comics will not return for a second season on FX on Hulu. The news that FX has yet to confirm but sources said THR happened Friday, comes after a more than decades-long development process that saw the IP jump between studios and filmmakers before landing at FX for development back in 2015.

Clark, who has taken over as showrunner from Michael Green and Aida Croal, notes in her long and thoughtful statement that she hopes the series on gender and identity will find another outlet. “FX was an amazing partner,” she wrote. “We are committed to finding ourselves IN THE his next home. “

FX has the IN THE Adaptation and Development in late 2015 after Vaughan regained the rights to his franchise; they were previously bound by the New Line, which eventually failed to get an effort on screen. Vaughan said The Hollywood Reporter in November 2017 that he “wanted to find someone who liked the source material but did not feel so guilty that they were afraid to change it.” FX and Vaughan tipped Green and Croal as showrunners. “When [Green] first put his name on it to Nina Jacobson and me a long time ago, he came and said he wanted to do something about toxic masculinity. It made me feel very relevant, and unfortunately, I think it only gets more relevant with each passing day. His attitude towards it was really courageous and very different but also exciting. I really admire how diligent he was with his translation.

Green and Croal fortgaang the series in April 2019 after creative differences with the network and producers. Clark, the new showrunner, was hired two months later. The series also changed leading men after Warcraft in the Pride Alumnus Ben Schnetzer was tapped to play, taking over the role of Yorick Brown – the last living Cisgender man on earth – from Barry Keoghan, who fortgaang the Drama with Diane Lane.

Ordered on Series in 2018, IN THE followed escape artist Yorick after a mysterious plague as he set out to find out what the male chromosome had deleted. Lane an Amber Tamblyn Co-Star. Tamblyn also took to social media to note that she was “disappointed” that the show will not continue at FX on Hulu, where most of the FX originals are now debuting. “I know this extraordinary show that has so much to say, and that says it so well, will soon find a great new home. Looking forward to the next chapter,” she says written. “If you’re with me, let the world know.

During a September Interview along with TV’s Top 5 Podcast, Vaughan admitted that his comic would not be the easiest to adapt to either a movie or a TV series. “It turns out to be a challenging topic,” Vaughan said. He noted that the film takes its source material down to the point where it “loses everything” and borders on “becoming cartoonish”. “It can only be on television,” Vaughan said. Clark, meanwhile, has been a fan of comics for more than a decade and was interested in explaining society’s conversation about how gender has changed in the last 20 years. “I did not want to change IN THE but wanted to take ideas that were so strong 20 years ago and move them into the world we now live in, “she told THR Podcast, adding that she introduced herself IN THE as a series of five seasons, 50 episodes.

That plan now needs serious help.

Here is Clark’s full post:

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