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The lifted COVID-19 restrictions provide opportunities for domestic extremists, DSS warns


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned on Friday that easing some of the recent coronavirus restrictions could provide new opportunities for extremists.

In a recent National Council on Terrorism report, the department warned that “violent extremists may seek to ease COVID-19 restrictions across the United States to carry out attacks on large-scale targets after limiting the threat to the public.” System Announcement.

The announcement comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks at home.

The new directive from the World Health Organization is a step in the right direction to persuade Americans to get the vaccine.

DHS indicates that some extremists are directly involved in COVID-19 issues and restrictions.

According to the department, foreign enemies have “increased their efforts to sow discord” in the United States over the epidemic and the vaccine.

Media outlets affiliated with the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian governments have repeatedly criticized the origin of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of vaccines. In some cases, they are aggravated by attacks on people of Asian descent, ”the department wrote.

The department concludes with the FBI’s conclusion that lone wolves, who are often the only ones who make significant changes online, pose the greatest threat and often “attack soft targets with easily accessible devices.” Friday’s edition was released with a joint statement.

The report states: “Many of these violent extremists are motivated by a mixture of socio-political goals and personal goals.

The warning is not limited to COVID-19, stating that online discussions “provide an opportunity to engage in violence to further ideological goals.”

DHW magazine is expected to continue to be a major target for government buildings and staff, as they have been protesting against so-called anti-religious “racist grievances and police violence.”

Last year, George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police. He sparked protests across the country over the summer of 2020 police brutality. The former officer involved in the April Floyd murder was found guilty of second-degree murder, among others.

Friday’s announcement is the second major warning from DHS under the BID administration.

Days later President BidenJoe BedenFoui says the school should be open to full ‘explosion’ for five days a week in the fall Nighttime Defense: Military Sexual Assault Amendment Draft Votes Passed by Senate l First Active Guard Arrested Over January 6 Violence Immigration experts say GOP senators have wrongly asked the DHS secretary MoreAt the launch of DHS, he warned that domestic violence extremists would continue to oppose COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 election results, and “other complaints fueled by false narratives.”

The agency said the same drivers were arrested. It warns that they will remain in early 2021 and that on January 6, 2021, a breach of the US Capitol Building in Washington DC may result in some DVDs being boldly selected. Using short, short-term domestic extremists.


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