The Marvel’s Next MCU Star Shares and Unexpected Problem with Deadpool

Ms. Marvel will soon be making her MCU debut, but in a new graphic novel, her powers are not working properly, so she’s doing something similar to Deadpool in a weird way.

Caution: Contains large spoiler for Mrs. Marvel: Stretch thin!

It will not be until 2022 though Mrs. Marvel enters MCU, but she recently appeared in a new graphic novel, where she had a similar problem that Deadpool experienced in his film debut. Sometimes the limbs of heroes – and anti-heroes – just don’t like cooperating.

Deadpool is known for his ability to come back from every wound he gets. Cutting off his limbs only causes his healing factor to come in so that he grows new. This does not mean that the process is direct or without humor. Deadpool (2016) gave fans a look at how it is Deadpool to grow his hand back. For a short time, he held a small “baby hand” until it grew to standard size. Now it seems that Kamala Khan can sometimes have a similar problem – without losing any of her limbs for it to happen.

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Mrs. Marvel: Stretch thin led the creative team of Nadia Shammas, Nabi H. Ali, Geoffo, and VC Joe Caramagna. This medium-sized graphic novel strengthens the titular heroine who tries to balance life with her family, friends, school, hobbies and superhero education. Sometimes it’s just too much to handle on your own. If Mrs. Marvel is too stressed, their forces do not work as they should, resulting in limbs of sizes and configurations in which they should not be.

After leaving her home for school one morning, Kamala’s friends inform her that she has a “baby hand”. Due to her stress, she keeps her body not normal size, nor embarrassed. On this occasion, her hand shrinks – which she does again later in the story. However, their complications are not just limited to their hand. A few mornings she wakes up with wobbly legs that look like pasta. This is a humorous problem that fits in with the forces of Kamala because she can make herself big and small, but it gets out of control when she is too stressed and not resting well enough. In this graphic novel, stretching thin is both a superpower AND a problem. Kamala’s power failure is similar to Deadpool’s growth scenario, although she is able to get out of her situation faster with enough concentration.

Ms. Marvel generally has a lot of sharp positivity. After all, she is young and wants to do her best. When her powers are out of her mind, it means she is not capable of being her best. Seeing her power failure brings her embarrassing frustration. Deadpool takes his situation better. He may be violent and susceptible to other heroes, but he always finds a zany – and often rough – spin to pick up on his various predicates. Having a baby hand can be a problem for Kamala, however, for Deadpool it’s an opportunity to wonder about things no one really needs to know. His hand must grow back can pull back his timeline to get revenge, but his hand is definitely the last thing he will emphasize. For Mrs. Marvel, to have a baby hand is an inconvenient means to remind her that things are not going well enough and it is also a way to potentially give up her identity without wanting to. This is especially true because changing size and shape is so natural for her that she does not realize that her body is doing it. Mrs. Marvel comes on the MCU soon, but already she shares strange similarities with one of Marvel’s biggest movie stars out there.

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