May 9, 2021


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The masters of Trisk Mender plan to make it the capital of urban arts

The masters of Trisk have expressed interest in turning the market city, which is closely related to the novel James Heriot, into a capital of art, literature, and music.

The Bell family has plans to create a world-renowned artists’ sculpture park and the Trisk Hall, home to their ancestral home for the past 300 years.

The 20-hectare sculpture park is designed to include a collection of world-renowned artists’ sculptures and to add a tourist attraction to the community.

The first exhibition focuses on sculptures designed by Michael Lyon of nature, mythology and ancient cultures, and his works are regularly exhibited at the Henry Moore Institute and in the United States.

At the same time, part of the plan is for the hall to be self-governing, with some families using some of the grazing land for the camp to provide a mix of camp facilities, including up to ten sleeping quarters, temporary baths and toilets, access roads and parking lots.

In the years to come, the family will host more events at the site, such as pop and classical music concerts, driving cinemas, art and antique cars, and James Herriot. -Related event and literature festival.

The planning documents state that the developments will be “for the benefit of the local community and for the preservation of the long-term heritage of the courtyards and buildings.”

According to them, “Our approach is to build the Trisk Hall as a permanent center for the arts. We aim to create a historic and cultural destination in Thirsk to bring more tourism to Turkey, as well as more jobs and local businesses. Just as Malton Yorkshire is the food capital, Tursk Yorkshire will be the capital of art, literature and music. By respectfully intervening on the grounds to generate revenue, this in turn facilitates an ongoing renovation program that will make unused buildings happy for future generations.

Many local tourism businesses welcomed the idea of ​​the sculpture. Ian Ashton, Managing Director of The World of James Herriort, says: Trisk Hall is on the street, so it is very nice. ”

With the support of Trisk City Council, many residents are protesting against the development of farmland, noise and light pollution, traffic jams and road safety.

One opponent wrote: “The proposed development has fallen within the designated protected area and the area needs to be further protected. It would be shocking to see the planned development on this land. ”

“My job and my priority is to find the needs and concerns of the local people and the proposals for any development should be balanced,” said Tirek Council member Gareth Dad.