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The meaning of Self: VOD Picks

How do we define yourself? Do we look at the fragmented bits and parts of our details, or do we all look at the particular whole? Are all of us defined by our own families, our names, our passions? Can we be defined at all?

This month’s VOD picks each explore an factor of how many people would decide to establish their sense associated with self. Tiffany Hsiung examines familial ties and how a mystery past can impact us in “Sing Us a Lullaby. ” With “Vert, ” writer-director Kate Cox looks at the way the world interprets us versus how we wish to be seen make a difference our closest relationships. “Hiplet: Because We Can” explores how interests and the conclusions others place upon us can transform how we communicate with the entire world.

Listed below are Ladies and Hollywood’s VOD selections for Feb.

“Sing Me personally a Lullaby” (Documentary Short) – Written and Directed simply by Tiffany Hsiung

In this simultaneously tragic and heartwarming documentary, writer-director Tiffany Hsiung searches for the girl mother’s birth parents, who mysteriously offered her away whenever she was five. With nothing but their names, Hsiung travels to Taiwan in hopes of unraveling her family’s secrets. Filmed throughout 14 years, Hsiung tackles the very meaning of adore and sacrifice along with her search pertaining to the truth.

Because Hsiung told Viewpoint Magazine, “People say the facts sets you free of charge. I would say a very Western belief would be that the truth will set you free of charge. Imagine if it provides you pain? ”

View “Sing Me the Lullaby” on PBS. org .

“Vert” (Short) – Created and Directed simply by Kate Cox

In the event that you could call at your ideal body, plus live in this momentarily in digital reality, could you really want to?

In this sci-fi short, Jeff plus Emelia, a wedded couple of twenty years, are talented a virtual fact set that shows their ideal selves. When the technology discloses a buried key, the couple must examine their associations with themselves plus each other within a new light.

“I was thinking exactly how identities can modify as time passes and toying using the idea associated with a script around this, ” writer-director Kate Cox offers described . “I was fascinated by exactly what lies behind a very masculine outside. ”

Watch “Vert” on Vimeo .

“Hiplet: Because We Can” (Documentary Short) – Directed by Addison Wright 

Part documented, part music video, part short narrative, “Hiplet: Because All of us Can” combines types just like the particular dancers at the heart of this film do.

Hiplet (pronounced “hip-lay”) is the particular dance style developed by Homer Hans Bryant that mixes classical ballet pointe techniques with hip-hop and other metropolitan styles. In this short film, the dancers from the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dancing Center share their particular love of this unique artform plus the struggles they face as Black ballet dancers. Movie director Addison Wright developed this film “with the intention to encourage young Black females. ”

Watch “Hiplet: Because We Can” on Vimeo .

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