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The Mets took two late leads, losing extra innings to the Diamondbacks


PHOENIX — Edwin Diaz and Trevor May made consecutive innings saves on Tuesday night as the Mets lost 6-5 to the Diamondbacks, ending their five-match winning streak.

Josh Reddick hit a walk-off double against May in the 10th inning.

In the ninth, Diaz suffered his first losing lead of the year, allowing a two-out single off Josh Rojas, who had prompted a bench-clearing episode with Marcus Strowman in the first game.

The dugout and bullpen were emptied at the end of the fifth, when Rojas of Arizona appeared to yell at Strowman, who yelled back after an inning-ending pop-out by Rojas. The teams briefly gathered near first base as managers Luis Rojas and Torre Lovulo spoke.

As the situation calmed down, Strowman – who retreated from the ruckus about the dugout itself – kept shouting at Diamondback from afar. First-base coach Tony Tarasco gently stopped him, standing in front of Strowman than actually catching him.

And then the fall of the Mets began. Strowman, Diaz and May blew it up together at Broughahah’s time of 4-0.

Strowman finished six innings allowing three runs – all of which run an innings after Pavin Smith’s home-made bench-clearing enthusiasm.

Soon after the Strowman-Rojas ruckus, adding two runs the Mets warmed to the top of sixth. Jonathan Willer took the lead with a single and scored on Francisco Lindor’s triple. Lindor scored on Dominic Smith’s sacrificial fly to rightfield (which would have been an extra-base hit if not for a jumping catch from Reddick).

Caleb Smith held the Mets out for two runs and three hits in five innings. He hit two and one left. This was Smith’s first start after serving as a reliever for nearly two months, so Arizona pulled him after only 58 pitches.

The Mets had no hit until the fourth, when Pete Alonso hit a single with two outs. Smith played his first long-ball home innings of two runs at centerfield since April 13.


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