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The Miami Heat enjoyed the inferno of Odonis Haslem’s expulsion


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You must respect your OGs

Udonis Haslem was the most efficient Stone Cold Steve Austin like entry In the NBA game this season With his expulsion last night. To make his 18th NBA season official, the long-time Miami Heat striker had to actually play in a match, which he did last night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Haslim got into a confrontation with Dwight Howard, and his lips seemed to read, “I hit you in the damn mouthful of you,” before the two were separated, and the 40-year-old’s heart and soul were taking out the heat. As a result, his final streak was as follows:

Three minutes played, Really remained underFour points, one rebound, two technical errors, one expulsion, two standing applause – and many happy colleagues.

Haslem, who was wearing a hat reading “Zero Friends,” joked after the match.

“If this was the latter, I finished it the way only Odonis Haslim could,” he said with a smile.

He added, “It is clear that it is [Howard] Very physical. Dwight plays the way Dwight does, and it was just a conversation between me and him where I just wanted to make it clear that throwing elbow and swinging elbows and things like that, I felt like we kind of had to leave this out of the game for this night. I think he disagreed. When I disagree, I don’t agree with him, and it was a whole bunch of disagreement. “

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was Unable to suppress a smile underneath He masked him when asked about him.

“That was my favorite moment of the season so far,” he said. “Just passionate, competitive, and excessive rage. Just love it. This is why we deal with UD. Everyone in the locker room has great respect and love for them.”

I mean, just look at Pam Adebayo. He couldn’t help himself straight.

“I was like, yo, that crazy damn!” Adebayo responded. “I was like, UD, you can’t have it projectile The first four minutes, my brother. How long was he in the game? Four minutes !?

And when it was said that she was three, Adebayo replied, “Three! Three minutes and she’ll get rid of you! I said, Oh OG, you’ve taught me a lot, but you’ve never done it.” [taught] I’ll ejaculate in three minutes like this. It was like an older brother moment, but I had to be my big brother at that time. ”

And Jimmy Butler, who finished in the coast-to-coast 106-94 win with 21 points from 6 out of 10 (And screen 4 of 4 (Superhero of Three), As I liked it.

“He’s on top,” he said when asked about arranging Haslim’s expulsion at his favorite moments in the heat. “I love confrontation, quarrels, and all those good things. I feed on him. We feed on him. I encourage her.”

With the win, the Heat Draws for the Knicks for fifth in the Eastern Province, but they have a tiebreaker in their favor. At age 39-31, they will play Atlanta Hawks at R.About 1 If the qualifiers start today, and after winning 11 out of 14, they are one of the most exciting teams in the league before the next position.season. It reminds us a bit of the way they finished last regular season before their NBA Championship show.

Last night also signaled the end of the Vice era. No more Miami Vice shirts, So RIP back to one of the greatest eras in the history of NBA uniforms, as polarizing as the current version.

As for OG, there is no regrets.

“I am who I am;” Haslim said. “My wife takes me right after the match and says I did the right thing, so I have no doubt in my mind that I did the right thing.”


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