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The Missouri Administrator rejected the Medicaid expansion approved by voters


Republican Prime Minister Mike Parson on Thursday rejected plans to expand the state’s Medicaid program to thousands of low-income adults after the Republican Senate refused to pay for the vote.

The Republican governor, for his part, said he had rejected a request by the electorate to extend the coverage to CMS in honor of a constitutional amendment approved last August.

The state’s $ 35 billion budget approved by lawmakers last week has not received funding for Medicaid’s expansion, according to Missouri. MO HealthNet.

“We cannot continue to expand at this time without a source of funding or funding from the General Assembly,” Missouri said.

The decision could lead to charges against Medicaid expansion.

“This is going to end in court – the governor knows he will be in court,” said Richard von Glan, director of policy at Justice Missouri Jobs, one of the organizations supporting Medicaid’s expansion.

Missouri Hospital Association spokeswoman Dave Dilon expressed frustration with Parson’s decision and said the association would coordinate the best way to continue the dispute with other Medicaid supporters.

Democratic parliaments condemn Parson’s decision. Crystal Council leader Crystal Quade says Parson has broken his promise to uphold the constitution. In a written statement, Senate Majority Leader John Rizzo said the governor was “removing a new Republican government that does not respect the election results.”

Although the federal government has provided the bulk of the funding for Medicaid expansion, some Republican lawmakers have not yet commented. Under a law signed by President Barack Obama in 2010, he said the state could not bear its long-term costs.

Voters’ constitutional amendments require the Parsons administration to submit a plan to expand federal Medicine until March 1. Election criteria: People aged 19-65 earn up to 138% of the federal poverty rate – less than $ 17,774 per person per year or $ 37,570 for four families – from Medicaid benefits beginning July 1.

The amendment does not change existing qualifications for children and the elderly, and does not specify how it will be paid for the expansion, which is expected to cover about 275,000 people.

Parson opposed the expansion of Medicaid, but said he would respect the will of voters and included $ 1.9 billion in federal and state funding in his budget to lawmakers earlier this year.

Parson’s June 2020 State Court of Appeals did not limit or limit his ability to choose how Medicaid would fund the election when he withdrew his expansion plan on Thursday.

Although the legislature does not include limited funding for expansion, Democrats and some health care advocates argue that additional low-income adults may be covered by Medicaid’s total funding.

“Cancer patients can’t wait for legal battles to reach Medicaid coverage,” said Emily Calmer, director of public relations for the Cancer Action Network Missouri.

This is not the first time that US lawmakers have tried to reverse the actions of their voters, as the legislature has refused to raise funds for Medicaid. Last year, lawmakers approved the 2018 by-elections, which were approved by a majority of voters. Ten years ago, the legislature also amended a law passed by the electorate to regulate dog breeding.

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