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The mother, who had taken the babies to Chemo, had her car overturned and damaged


For Magili Jimenez, life has been difficult recently.

About four weeks ago, Jimenez and his wife discovered that their 14-month-old baby had a rare form of childhood cancer.

Since then, the young mother has been taking her daughter, Awan, to chemotherapy appointments, and Jimenez says that she has recently put more pressure on her family.

So it was a shock when Gemenez found out that the Dow Dow had been broken into the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Downey, where she was going for a chemotherapy appointment.

Jimenez said the car was parked in the parking lot of a medical center when thieves broke into it and badly damaged it.

As soon as I paid for my car. Jimenez told KTE I was very proud of myself, and that was what I expected. “So I lost.”

Jimenez went to Titus to express her anger and Video posted posted l It leads to unknown destroyers. The video was then strewn with about 50,000 views.

“You probably don’t know, but four weeks ago I found out my daughter had cancer,” Jimenez said in the video. “She has now completed her chemotherapy. We are getting ready to go home. She is crying because she wants milk. ”

“You broke into my car. You broke my troubleshooting. You messed up everything. Everything. Everything is broken.

Jimenez told Katila that she was taking on countless medical appointments in hopes of coping with cancer as she tried to adapt to her new lifestyle.

His mother worked as a school nurse before the cholera virus closed schools and sent her home. Although Jimenez and her husband still have health care coverage, she says chemotherapy is expensive and they are paying for each visit out of their own pocket.

The car crash was an additional financial problem, as Jimenez needed to turn around and take his daughter to his medical appointment. She says your car insurance does not cover the damage.

But there is a glimmer of hope. The community is gathering around Jimenez and a GoFundMe An account has been set up for Ava’s medical expenses.

We haven’t had much good luck in the last few weeks. There was a little light out of all this darkness because now my story, and [Ava’s] History is being shared. ”

Jimenez said his son’s chemotherapy treatment was expected to last for an additional 51 weeks.


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