May 9, 2021


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The new figures show that the vaccination policy against early Labor teachers was not necessary

The new figures show that the vaccination policy against teachers for the first time was not necessary

When Labor first published its vaccination policy against the first teacher in January, Guido instantly opposed the idea, as it would divert vaccine resources from the most vulnerable to those with no proven medical need. Approximate figures for the time showed that politics would becomes 190 additional deaths a day. Fortunately, the government ignored the suggestion and new ONS figures show they were right, with only one in 500 teachers taking Covid during the fortnight ending March 31st.c – one out of every 60 before Christmas. The teachers ’unions warned of the return of number 10 to the school for all students on March 8thth it was “madness” and risked an explosion in cases …

10,000 high school teachers and students, in 80 schools, were captured by the study, with only 0.34% of students giving positive and nearly nine out of ten high schools not reporting Covid cases after reopening. Starmer’s call for a firewall closure last year crashed and burned in Wales, and we now know that this policy deviation from the SAGE recommendation was also a misstep – is not the best record for the Labor leader in retrospect …