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The newer version of South Africa is the Indian Covid found in Hackney


Various tests of Covid-19 are taking place in other parts of Dalston and Shoreditch after the discovery of two Covid-19 models in these areas.

Hackney Council urges anyone over the age of 16 who lives or works in the affected areas to undergo Covid-19 PCR testing, even if they have no symptoms, to stop the spread of diarrhea in the area.

These areas include parts of Shoreditch, around Old Street and Great Eastern Street; and parts of downtown Dalston, around Dalston Lane and Kingsland High Street.

Citizens living in these areas can be tested by visiting a nearby facility at Bentley Road Car Park or at Geffrye Community Hall on Falkirk Street without the need to reserve a place.

Dr Sandra Amuna, Director of Public Health for Hackney Council, says PCR tests are modified in a lab where scientists can see if someone is trying to adapt to other needs.

He added: “Viruses they are constantly changing through change, which can make them more easily spread, more dangerous to us or mean that our services are less effective.

“That’s why when various worries are found in the area we work hard to stop the virus from spreading. Let’s try it and help us fight it. Covid-19 disease. ”

Dr Sandra Amuna, chief of health at City and Hackney, and Mayor of Hackney Phil Glanville.
– Credit: Hackney Council

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Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville, who lives in another affected area, also said: “I know this will be confusing for some; but additional testing is another important part of our mission to keep Hackney safe. “

He said businesses in the area are open and safe to visit.

All people who were previously known by different races have or are now isolating themselves and following the connection has taken place.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to preside over a press conference today on concerns about India’s racial development.

To find out if you live in the affected areas go hackney.gov.uk/test

Other test sites are available at hackney.gov.uk/coronavirus-support

Home PCR tests can also be controlled by calling: 119 (people with hearing or speech impairments can call 18001 119); or on a visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/.

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