May 9, 2021


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The newspaper group urged the completion of the review of the defamation law

An industry group representing newspapers has called for an “immediate completion” of the government’s review of Irish defamation laws.

Newsbrands Ireland He said the review of the defamation law is now six years behind schedule.

Ireland’s restrictive defamation law has been criticized by the media for restricting investigative journalism.

Ahead of World Press Freedom Day on Monday, Newsbrands Ireland will review the defamation law “without delay” and the findings will be published.

According to News Correspondent Coll Orrilley, there is recent evidence that journalists are “exposing important issues if it were not a secret.” However, other serious and important issues based on public interest may not be addressed by publishing laws that impose high levels of risk on publishers. ”

Newsburns has criticized the high-profile media coverage of accusations of defamation against the “superpowers.”

The decline in defamation has “had a profound effect on the finances of national and local news outlets,” he said.

Balance and protection

Business Post CEO Orlili says amending the defamation law does not give journalists the freedom to write what they like.

He said it is about balancing the need to protect the reputation of the people and to protect and promote the right to freedom of expression, as well as the right of the media to report freely on issues of public interest.

At a time when democratic values ​​are being threatened and eroded around the world, he said, it is in the best interest of democracy for us to make rapid changes to our defamation laws.

Newsbrands has demanded that Irish defamation laws include serious injury attempts, and the plaintiff must verify the article or report or their reputation could be seriously damaged.

Several years ago, the United Kingdom introduced a similar phrase to its defamation laws, aimed at weakening claims.

Newsbrands has also expressed interest in a cap on the potential damage, and defamation awards in Ireland may be higher than those offered in Europe and the UK.