May 6, 2021


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The number of new cases in Brighton and Hove has increased by more than a quarter

A public health employer has urged people to “maintain good habits” after the number of new Covi-19 cases increased by more than a quarter. Brighton and Hove.

As of last Friday, April 23, there were 49 confirmed new CV-19 cases in the city, an increase of 26 percent last week and 16.8 per 100,000 residents per week.

This is lower than the rate for the UK, which is 24.8 per 100,000 and less than the South East, and 100,000 per 100,000.

“It is important that we all follow ‘good practices in’ hands, face, space and fresh air ‘, as well as vaccinations, tests and isolation,” said public health director Alistair Hill.

Kovid is still there, it is still dangerous and we must do everything we can to prevent it from spreading.

Brighton Beach earlier this month. Photo by Eddie Mitchell

While rates have been low for all ages, we have seen a number of issues with school-age children and adolescents.

Reopening schools and colleges completely means meeting face-to-face anything that requires self-exclusion Education.

Some issues can have a big impact on learning. When joining out-of-school, please stay safe and adhere to the rules regarding group sizes and outdoor meetings.

“It’s a success that should not be underestimated,” Dr. Hill said in a report released last week, noting that no more than 60 cases had been reported.

He said that although most of them have received at least their first immunizations, they will continue to follow the limits.

Wearing masks, setting up, and using hygiene comparisons should now be like taking your phone and key when you leave home.

Photo by Eddie MitchellPhoto by Eddie Mitchell

These are the same simple actions we need to remember and repeat.

Anyone over the age of 42 years and older is now eligible for the vaccine, and the vaccine will be given to those who need it Health Conditions, unpaid caregivers and health and care staff Dr. Hill.

If you are close to this age, please keep an eye out and make an appointment as soon as you can.

For those who are eligible but need support, there are small quiet meetings that can be held now, friends are ready to go with you, there are weekly mobile stations in the city and free transportation to your appointment.

Dr. Hill urged people to take advantage of the rapid screening in the city for those who have no symptoms.

Argus: Quick test kits can be collected from Hove Town HallYou can collect quick test kits from Hove Town Hall

He said: “Regular signal testing is also easier than ever. You can order tests online, take them from almost any pharmacy in the city, or take a test near you.

The quickest way to find out without symptoms is to find a way to quickly spread the word to your family, co-workers and classmates.

For those who show signs, please do not use a quick test – you will need to have a PCR test.

There is a lot of experimental capacity in the city and the results will return quickly.

“I know that isolation is not easy for anyone who is positive or close, but it is very important that everyone who is important stays home for 10 days.

Support is available for those who find it difficult.