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The Paradox of Cosmetics – Space


Cosmetics make a big difference.

We like it when our wives treat them well.

In fact sometimes we excite them to use them.

This article is in no way meant to vilify coloring cosmetics.

The insatiable demand for cosmetics and personal care products across the globe has led to the growth of great multinational companies like L’Oreal and Nivea.

Moisturizer, shampoo, lipstick, perfume, lotion…

The list of products we use every day is endless, which we can easily remove from our bedroom cabinets.

While these products are meant to help us look (and feel) good, we rarely think about their after-effects, especially in the air we breathe.

Some cosmetics and personal care products not only contain risky ingredients such as Wed (Subject for another day), but contain highly volatile substances, some of which find their way into the air we breathe indoors.


almost impossible to recognize cosmetic The products do not contain certain amounts of these substances.

So does this make them safe?

Not necessary.

If they stick to our skin, their effect may be short-lived.

They evaporate easily.

But that doesn’t make them risky.

The concern is not with their appearance, but rather that they compromise indoor air quality over the long term.

As cosmetics are used in our homes, these substances remain in our air, exposing the most vulnerable among us, such as babies.

But why do phthalates matter?

long term exposure Associated with heart complications, reproductive issues, asthma, disturbances in liver and kidney function.

But it’s not just phthalates that matter when it comes to cosmetics and personal care products.

forever chemistry

These unique compounds bear that name simply because once released into our environment, they are basically impossible to degrade.

And what are the better products to use them on Likee Cosmetics.

They seem to improve the shelf life of these products by allowing for continued use over time.

But at what cost?

Just like phthalates, long-term exposure to chemicals forever can cause organ damage, reproductive issues, and potentially a spectrum of complications. cancer.

Our attention to these indoor air pollutants is of no use if we do not figure out ways to reduce their harmful effects.

And ventilation is important in this regard.


Imagine a day when all the windows and doors in your house are closed.

How does it feel?

How does the air smell?

Do you feel comfortable?

airy When it comes to reducing the concentration of indoor air pollutants arising from synthetic goods such as cosmetics and related products.

Is there air movement in your home?

Maybe try watching your curtains.

Air circulation is important and can help prevent health complications caused by high concentrations of harmful substances.

in conclusion

Indoor air quality is of the utmost importance today as we are exposed to many synthetic products.

Hence there is a need to find ways to reduce the exposure to airborne pollutants at home.

Therefore practices such as good ventilation and aeration can help prevent chronic exposure to such pollutants.

We must commit to taking care of our health, even if it is at home.

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