The Pensions Act gives women 6 added values

The General Pension and Social Security Authority confirmed that the Federal Pensions Act is filled with many added values ​​that characterize the insurance benefits that women enjoy under the Federal Pensions Act, in appreciation of their role in serving their families and communities.

The Director of Rights, Hind Al-Suwaidi, clarified a number of these benefits, the first of which is that a woman can buy 10 legal years to improve her retirement pension, as this period gives her an opportunity to improve her pension by 20%, and the other is to create an extra share for the daughter, sister or mother, if the widow or any of them were divorced, and they had no other salary or pension, and this share is created without affecting the other beneficiaries’ shares in the pension. Or the brother, if any of them could not earn after the pensioner’s death, and they had no other salary or pension.

Al-Suwaidi added that the third element is that the law allows the widow the right to combine her pension with her share of her husband’s pension, or between her salary from work and her share of his pension. Therefore, he recognized the right of a girl to receive a share equal to that of her brother.

And she added that the fifth benefit is that the boy’s share is interrupted when he reaches 21 or 28 if he continues to study, while the girl remains in retirement without interrupting her share due to age, as long as she meets the other conditions for eligibility, and the sixth is that the law guarantees the right to equality between the sexes when distributing the pension to the beneficiaries, regardless of whether the deceased was male or female, and notes that the pension for the insured is granted to the beneficiaries of her heirs, if they meet the eligibility conditions.


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