The person who returns the rental car ends up “working” while his staff waits for the phone to ring


Derek Cahill recently rented a car and the whole process was going really smoothly – until he came back.

When he returned to the enterprise to return the car, he finished waiting for a while and then kept ringing in his office.

Derek decided to take matters into his own hands.

In viral Clip On Titus, When he arrives at the reception desk and picks up the phone, he takes the call seriously and tries to help the customer online.

The audio clip in the video reads: “I was waiting for the car to return for 15 minutes.

There was someone here who refused to answer the phone, so I jumped in like a rental car.

After that you can listen to his side of the phone conversation ‘Thank you for calling Enterprise.

Let me go ahead and check.

Derrick, who lives in the United States, then calls the staff on the other side of the room to inquire if there are any small cars for rent in that room.

When the employee replies that there is a shortage of small cars, it can be heard off the screen.

Derek sends the message to the customer over the phone, then asks if you have SUVs or other intermediate vehicles you can rent.

Derek was waiting for a rental car to return

Derrick still asks the employee about the stock, who goes to check on the customer.

During the inspection, Derek explained to a caller that he did not really work for the company.

“You know it’s so funny, I don’t even work here. There is no one here and the phone is ringing for about 10 minutes and there is a dumb on the back of the table, so I decided to return the phone and now I find it works and he will actually check this for you.”

During this time, a more senior employee comes in and asks who Derek is and why he calls.

“I was a customer waiting for a car to return,” he explains.

The video has been discontinued at this time, leaving viewers on Titus (About 20 million) I’m really looking forward to it.

Derek on the phone for a customer
He ended up blinking the phone

Later, Derrick reported that his boss was unhappy and followed up.

“The big boss came in, he didn’t like it,” he said. “I have the video, I can print the rest but when I say I am the customer, at the end of the video” and answer my phone? “

I said, “Listen man, I just needed help.”

I ended the call because I believe in strong customer service, we announce that the vehicles have been sold and she had to see a new shop and then I started repaying the car. Probably because I had a good snowstorm in North Texas and it would cost me about $ 2,000 due to snow damage to the car, so every time I checked the car, I was 100% like myself. Snow dust on the car now picks up the phone.

“Yeah, yeah. That’s it.”

More than four million people liked Derrick’s first video, with one post saying, “Bro doesn’t even know who his co-workers are.”

Another “Brother of the Month !!!” is there .

One third commented: “OMG that was epic!”

Another replied: “Not all heroes wear caps.”

A different user asked “Are you employed?”

And the sixth angel sounded, and there fell a great voice from heaven, saying, It is done.

The mirror contacted the enterprise for comment.

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