The R. Kelly jury asked him to ‘pay’ or not to fall for ‘lies’

WARNING: This story contains explicit content and may not be suitable for every reader.US-R-Kelly, 1st Writethru

A prosecutor has closed arguments over R. Kelly’s sex trafficking lawsuit, urging jurors on Thursday to “pay” the R&B superstar for his alleged crimes, while a defense attorney told them they were being led by opportunistic accusers over consensual relations .

“It is now time to hold the defender accountable for the pain he caused to all of his victims,” ​​Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said at the conclusion of her two-day trial in Brooklyn. “It is now time for the defendant, Robert Kelly, to pay for his crimes. He is convicted.”

Defense attorney Deveraux Cannick responded by telling the jury that evidence of various charges is full of lies, and that “the government is letting them live.”

He added: “Where is the freedom against Robert? Where is the integrity of the system?”

The exchange came with trial after jury discussions following the testimony of dozens of witnesses since the trial began on August 18. Jurors were able to get the case as soon as Friday afternoon.

The 54-year-old Kelly, perhaps best known for the 1996 smash hit “I Believe I Can Fly”, pleaded not guilty to accusing him of abusing women, girls and boys for more than two decades. He is also charged with multiple violations of the Man Act, making it illegal to transport anyone across state lines “for any immoral purpose.”

Geddes has given a strenuous recitation of evidence that the government says proves how Kelly, with the help of some loyal members of his entourage, used “the enemy book” tactics to sexually exploit his victims.

The tactic includes isolating them in hotel rooms or in his recording studio, subjecting them to degrading rules as they call him “Daddy” and shooting video recordings of them having sex with him and others as a means of controlling them , said the Prosecutor.

Geddes describes one of many graphic homemade videos as evidence – seen by the jury during testimony, but not by the public. She said it showed Kelly grabbing one of his victims by the hair and forcing her to give another man oral sex. The woman presented “because her will was broken,” the prosecutor said.

The defense argues that it makes no sense for a celebrity like Kelly to set up a criminal company to reach out to victims.

One like Kelly “did not have to recruit women,” Cannick said.

He also argued that the accused were never forced to do anything against their will. Instead, his girlfriends got stuck because Kelly spoiled them with free air travel, shopping trips and fancy dinners – a treatment that besieged the enemy label, he said.

“He gave them a great lifestyle,” he said. “That’s not what an enemy should do.”

Cannick has even gone as far as Kelly’s case with the fight against civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr. to compare for equal protection under the US Constitution.

“And that’s all Robert wants – to do (the government) faithfully what it says on paper,” he said.


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