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The real story behind the revival behind the new HBO movie


HBO’s new official drama Oslo In particular, the image proved to be worth a thousand words when it came to trying to promote peace in the Middle East.

The film is set in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Rabin and US President Yasser Arafat. Bill Clinton.

Andrew Scott and Ruth Wilson, the Norwegian couple Terje Rjed-Larsen and Mona Juul, have been spotted posing for a photo on the White House lawn.

And while the audience HIV The film will be remembered about the season or he will learn about it for the first time – here is the true story behind it.

Robin and Arafat’s meeting, more than just a photo op, was arranged to facilitate the signing of the Oslo I, commonly known as the DPP.

The agreement, the first phase of the Oslo Accords, sets a timetable for the Middle East peace process, with plans to establish an interim Palestinian government in Gaza and the West Bank in Jericho.

And when the leaders in front of both sides listed the complex agreement in a series of back-to-back meetings, Norwegian couple Jul and Rad Larson played a key role in mediation.

Linn In April 1992, Rud Larson, who was working at the then Fafo Institute, the Norwegian Institute of Art, suggested that Norway be a mediator between Israel and the PLO. CNN Time line.

He then worked with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and her husband, Juli, to achieve the goal.

In September of that year, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jan Egeland traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel, to attend a secret meeting to offer his assistance.

Ruth Wilson and Andrew Scott, winners of the Best Actor Award for their partnership with the Ambassador Theater Group, were present at the 65th Evening Theater Awards on November 24, 2019 at the London Coliseum in London, England. They are co-starring in the HBO film ‘Oslo’.
Dave Bennett / Getty Images

Between December 1992 and April 1993, 14 meetings were held in London between Norway and Norway, with Professor J ሂr Herherfeld and Plow Ahmed Kurai in an independent manner.

Afterwards, Israeli Foreign Minister Uri Savir Quray spoke loudly to the official representative of the Israeli government and entered the venue to replace Hirchfield.

The two met 11 times from April to August 1993.

On August 19, 1993, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres flew to Oslo, Norway, to sign an agreement between Savir and Kurey.

As a result, on September 10, the PLO reiterated its position on Israel’s right to live, while Israel acknowledged that the PLO was the sole representative of the Palestinian people.

Earlier in the day, Clinton announced the resumption of talks between the United States and the PLO, clearing the way for Arafat to travel to the United States.

Three days later On September 13, 1993, the Oslo I Agreement (Oslo I) was signed by Perez and Mahmoud Abbas – also considered one of the engineers of the process – certified by Arafat and Rabin in Washington, DC.

This special period was celebrated by Perez, Arafat, and Rabbin. In October 1994, the second treaty, commonly known as Oslo II, was signed 11 months before it was signed. In October 1994, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a crowded White House East Room, Clinton said: “This shows that peace can be achieved not by weapons but by will and words.”

Linn July 2000 – Five years after Rabin was assassinated during a peace rally in Tel Aviv, Clinton’s attempt to reach a final agreement between the two sides fails at Camp David.

Although the final goal had not yet been achieved, the story of Mona Jule and Terge Rod-Larson’s participation in the discussion was so convincing that Jetty Rogers wrote the winner for Tony. Oslo.

Rogers In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in 2017, he admitted that he was “embarrassed” that he did not know anything about the couple’s history until he met them with their children who went to school with them.

I think the real story is so impossible. Some of the participants worked hard to keep Kitty in check.

But I think the people involved in the diplomacy never get a loan. Surprisingly, their power or effectiveness comes from not getting a loan.

The film also stars Jeff Wilbush (Uri Saver), Salim Dow (Ahmed Quray), Walid Zuiter (Hassan Asfur) and Doval Gilkman (Air Cherffield).

Bill Clinton with Arafat and Rabin
US President Bill Clinton (P) stood for the first time during a White House signing ceremony on September 13, 1993, in Washington, D.C. Historical Israel-Plo Oslo Accords. HBO “Oslo” tells the story of a career that went down in history.
David Ake / AFT. Through Getty Images

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