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The Red Stars started strong, but they couldn’t catch a dash loss


Christie Maeis scored in the 82nd minute to give the Red Stars a 2-1 win over the Houston Dash on Saturday night, scoring a goal from Nicolas Prince’s one-on-one Alisa Naeher.

Mallorry ugh scored her first regular season goal in four minutes from the Red Stars (1-2-1, four points), forcing the trade and finding the bottom corner of the net. The Prince scored in the 18th minute with a long-range shot from the edge of the box. Dash (1-2-1, four points) won for the first time this season.

The ugh 51 touchdowns, 28 passes, and 75 crossings were linked with a three-point lead for the team in the 2-0 win over Kansas City on Wednesday.

In the 58th minute, Keliaya Watt narrowly missed the ball from the far post. For the first time since her acquisition of the Red Stars in Houston, she has been a constant threat in the opposite half-box. Watt led the team with a total of six touchdowns, 41 touchdowns, 12 passes, and a touchdown.

Kayla Charles finished 56th and 87.5%, respectively, in the lead and the accuracy of the pass. She added each of the two hacks and each crack and clean.

Thierry Davidson played the full 90 minutes of the break with Sharps, defying Dashen for most of the game. Davidson leads the team with 77 touchdowns and four interceptions.

The Red Stars return home from North Carolina at 1pm on Saturday night.

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