May 6, 2021


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The red wall seat will be a key challenge for Keyer Starmer leadership

Since the end of last year, the Labor Party and its leader, Kiir Starmer, have been battling for office. This is due to a variety of reasons, including the ongoing internal party divisions. Starmer has been privately criticized for not taking enough Strong approach For government defects during the epidemic.

Conservatives have recently enjoyed a two-digit lead in what is known as COVID Vaccination departure Despite the fact that the elections held on the weekend before election day showed a significant increase in labor. Closing that gap.

Against this background, a A difficult choice It is being held in the Northeast Hartle pool constituency. This is followed by the forced resignation of Labor MP Mike Hill Unethical accusation And harassment.

Hartl pool l, Significant, found in “Red Wall”A set of parliamentary seats spread throughout the central and northern parts of England and was historically employed. In 2016, he will be a strong supporter of Brexit, with 47 of these industrialized and post-Eastleigh cities migrating to the Conservatives in the 2019 election as part of Borie Johnson’s seat. Healthy parliamentary majority..

Hartle pool has been a staff member since 1964 and has been the seat of the party’s grandfather Peter Mandelson for many years. However, he shares many of the characteristics of other red wall seats that have deviated from Labor and the party’s share is down by 40% in 2019. Labor and conservatives have been defeated to keep more than 3,500. With Brexit success, this crucial election result could depend on the transition of these more than 10,000 Brexit party voters by 2021.

Boris Johnson spent Monday campaigning with the evangelical candidate Jell Mortimer.

Accordingly, the image of Care Starmer’s metropolitan, Southern solicitor’s and hard-working image does not take into account the direction in which these Brexit-oriented voters will cast their ballots. However, Starmer has made it a priority to win back the traditional “left-back”. For Brexit Labor voters Seeing his leadership as a major challenge in such seats.

Coincidentally, Labor candidate Paul Williams has been using images of St. George’s Flag in his campaign – there is no doubt that former leader Jeremy Corbyn is unpatriotic. Such a strategy is seen by social media as a sign that Starmer supporters’ interests can be controlled by workers. Critics, however, see it that way Surface election campaign.

Victory required

It should be noted that Labor still won the Hartle pool in 2017 and 2019 under the leadership of Corbin. Therefore, if the constituency falls in 2021, it could be considered a personal humiliation for Starmer.

Under normal circumstances, such an election would be considered informal. The opposition is expected to win a seat in parliament against the party that has been in power for more than a decade. But the combination of the red wall variability and the unprecedented COVID crisis made things worse Very less predictable. Last year’s state of emergency challenged the common sense of the election, simply because of the high cost of public service.

There are choices on this pre-selection Suggested The ruling party won the seat, which was previously held by the main opposition party. In the 2017 Copland election, Starmer could face the same fate as Corbyn. For the first time since 1982..

This will be a major setback for Starmer’s leadership in the run-up to the election. The inability to hold a long-term employee seat raises some serious questions about its strategy, credibility, and preference. if so Local and distorted choices What happened on the same day did not produce good results for the workers, the problem was getting worse.

Conservatives, in fact, will have major consequences if they do not win a seat in the 2019 election. The redesign of Britain’s political maps in the last two elections indicates that it is still in the process of being formed, even after a year of turmoil.

In less than a year, the astrologer will be in serious trouble. Losses in the Hartle pool mean that workers will have a long way to go before they can return to government. If the local election results are similarly weak, it is unthinkable that a formal leadership crisis could confuse the party. However, After four consecutive general election defeats since 2010, it may be worthwhile to ask if a change of leadership will solve the problem or whether Labor’s election problems will deepen.