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The redesigned MDX shows the promising for the Accura-Boston Herald


The new, outdated design, the Aqura Fourth Generation MDX boasts excellent upgrades and upgrades for the seven-passenger SUV. Akura’s new flagship vehicle has an athletic standard and superior design.

The expanded front logo and fascia are nothing new – you’ll see them in RDX and TLX. MDX has grown – the overall length has increased by 2.2 inches and the wheelchair has increased to 3 inches. The new light truck platform and two-wheeled front suspension have improved handling and collision perfection from the more rigid sub-section, and passengers will enjoy easier riding.

The 2022 MDX will work with Audi K7, Lexus RX 350L and Volvo XC90. On the test drive, the Super Handling All Wheel Drive Advance Model is neatly dressed in “red pearl”.

To dream of boarding, the interior is spacious and comfortable. Many car drive modes are available with a dial. We used to use sports mode most of the time but the comfort was special on the highway. Cutting options are better than a well-fitted MDM. Available for $ 46,900 without AWD, to Tech, A-Speck and beyond. The tested MDX comes with a standard package of standard AWD and a basic price of $ 60,650.

Safety is a unique ability for Aquara vehicles to identify vehicles as well as pedestrians on your roadway. Other Acura watt standard driver auxiliary technologies include low-speed braking, driver focus control, traffic congestion assistance, and lane reduction.

The 3.50 V6 SOHC i-VTEC engine of 290 horsepower was quiet and powerful. Adapted to the new 10-speed automatic transmission, it was fast and responsive.

The 12.3-inch HD driver display and 12.3-inch life information screen are standard on all models. The self-portrait was bold and clear. It took some time to get used to the life information system, but with the help of Amazon Alexa it was easy. Simply ask and think it’s done. Additional features on the tested MDX include wireless charging, panoramic sunlight, HD rear view camera, ALS. Studio 3D Premium Audio System and selected ambient lighting with 27 interior lighting options.

Our love for Akura is no secret. It makes sports-luxury vehicles for all types of consumers. Although a daily driver is needed, a neighbor’s vehicle, or a class vehicle is only available for those who need a great experience. I know some families are looking forward to the new Lexus RX 350L in the future, but I think the new MDX is a better option.

Development of Akura MDX

MSRP$ 60,650

As tested: $ 61,675

M.G.G.19 cities, 25 highways, 24.6 as tested

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