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The report found the ransomware to be hitting manufacturers


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Many ransomware families gave priority to the manufacturing sector last year




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Manufacturing companies are likely to be targets of ransomware attacks of duplicate extortion, according to a report from the ThreatLabZ research team this week.

In a double-extortion attack, criminals not only encrypt data but also steal it, allowing them to blackmail victims to prevent its publication. ThreatLabZ, ZScaler’s research team, noted that 12.7% of the companies affected by these attacks were in the manufacturing sector, followed by service companies. It stood out from a cluster of other sectors that each accounted for between 8 and 9% of attacks: services, transportation, retail, and technology. This report follows a previous study that found a 300% increase in cyber attacks in manufacturing organizations.

ThreatLabZ has identified seven ransomware families that have emerged as sources of double-extortion attacks. The most common is the Maze, which has reached 273 attacks in the past year. Even though Maze stopped operating in November 2020, it still surpassed the Conti ransomware, which ranked second out of 190 attacks.


The Ragnar Locker ransomware, which assigns a virtual machine to its target machine, is more focused on the manufacturing sector, with 22% of attacks hitting those companies.

Doppelpaymer is also focused on manufacturing, targeting manufacturers in 15.1% of its incidents.

Manufacturing was also Conti’s top target, attracting 12.4% of its attacks, while Sodinokibi / REvil featured equal manufacturing and transportation as the top sector targets.

ThreatLabz also reviewed DarkSide, which was of particular interest this week after its use in the Colonial Pipeline attack. The group, which clarified its motives for hitting the pipeline this week, focused only on 2.8% of its attacks on the oil and gas sector. Services is its sector, accounting for 16.7% of attacks.

Anti-ransomware company Coveware highlighted an increase in double-extortion attacks in Q1’s latest ransomware research, which reported that 77% of attacks are now featured with this tactic, up 10% from Q4 2020.

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