May 9, 2021


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The Saints wanted to get ahead of the Patriots, and pick Mac Jones in their 2021 NFL Draft, per report.

The saints tried to advance, but were stopped at the gates.

Reports released on April 29 indicated that the Saints were trying to climb into the top ten of the first round of the 2021 NFL draft to pick a back corner. None of that came about, but we now know New Orleans had more than one potential target in mind for this move.

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Michael Lombardi, an NFL insider, reported that the Saints were not only trying to grab a corner, but were trying to advance over the Patriots to pick Alabama midfielder Mac Jones, who went 15th overall to New England.

New Orleans was trying to reach the top ten to get a defensive corner, no doubt, I think it was (Jaycee) Horn, they tried, they couldn’t get there, they were way too far to get to the top 10. But – and she confirmed to me that By two teams – they were trying to climb over New England to get Mac Jones.

I don’t think there is any doubt about that. Everyone will deny it, “No, no, no.” I’m just telling you, they couldn’t get there. why? Because Minnesota traded with planes. Minnesota didn’t return to what New Orleans was, and they got a good deal. 13 he wasn’t moving because (Rashawn) Slater was there, the chargers wouldn’t move. 12 he wasn’t moving because Dallas was going to choose (Mika) Parsons. 11 became (Justin’s) fields. There was nowhere to go (Sean Payton) – there was nowhere to go.

Rather than trading away from ample capital to rise, the Saints remained in Choice # 28 and chose Payton Turner as the defensive man.

The Saints enter the season with a supposed quarterback battle between former number one James Winston and Payton’s favorite Taisum Hill after Drew Press’s retirement.

The Saints ended up choosing the midfielder – Ian Bock went from Notre Dame to New Orleans in the fourth round.

But oh, it would have been.