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The Scottish government has announced 583 new cases and no deaths within 24 hours


An additional 583 people were positively screened Coronavirus For the past 24 hours in Scotland.

Recent Government of Scotland The total number of people infected with malaria during the malaria epidemic has reached 233,671.

No new coronavirus deaths were reported overnight, with 7,666 deaths in a 28-day positive covariate test.

The number of people who received their first vaccine increased to 3,215,770. A total of 1,998,409 Scots are now taking the second dose.

It was also announced yesterday Glasgow Concerns over the April 02 variance will continue, and they will remain in Level Three Lock for another week.

Nicola Sturgeon stated that she ‘was Reduced By the decision. The prime minister is expected to upgrade the city to two levels and upgrade Glasgowian in the middle of next week.

There is a risk of a recent increase in several tier two areas, including East RenfreshireShire, Klikmanmanshareer and Renfrawyer.

Public Health Professional Professor Linda Bald Warned That it is “hard” to enforce strict restrictions in these areas.

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