The Senate Democrats’ dark money – ATM

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Majority Forward “alone accounted for approximately $ 1 of every $ 3 in dark money spent in 2018.”

If the name “Majority Forward” sounds familiar, it should not be – transparency is not the group’s style. But perhaps no organization had a greater impact on securing the Democratic Party’s thin control of the U.S. Senate in 2021 for the first time this year.

Majority forward, 501 (c) (4) the arm of the Democrats’ partisan Senate Majority PAC, is a “dark money”. You would not know it from the group indescribable website, but the majority forward spent $ 515,000 backs Joe Biden 2020 and pumped $ 1.7 million into the January special election for the US Senate in Georgia to increase the Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Their victories decided control of the Senate.

But Majority Forward’s main value on the left serves as a review of other political non-profit organizations. In 2019 alone, it poured $ 39 million into groups that participate in voter registration and promote voting by mail among the “New American Majority” code for likely liberal voters, and according to countless experts the key to future democratic victories. Mega-donors of The Democratic Allianceconsider the new US majority “central to progressive long-term success.”

Majority Forward contributions to other political groups include an additional $ 10 million Black Progressive Action Coalition, who spent over $ 4 million assist Joe Biden, Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham in North Carolina, and Ossoff and Warnock in Georgia. The group also provided $ 14 million America votes, a self-described “hub” for coordinating the left get out of the vote hoping to paint America blue.

Then there is the $ 779,000 Majority Forward that has been around since 2017 Voter Participant Center (VPC), a little-known group run by a former Bill Clinton presidential campaign staff, Page Gardner. VPC’s goal is to make postal voting the norm for all future elections, effectively to federalize elections by placing the fate of our republic in the hands of everyone’s favorite government institution, the US Postal Service.

Only in 2020 will VPC and its sister organization, Voice information center, sent out 4.8 million vote-by-post applications to voters across the country and registered 1.5 million of them. They are not shy about targeting the new American majority, which they are define as “young people, colored people and unmarried women” – a group that gave more than 60 percent of their votes for Biden 2020.

This has been Majority Forwards’ strategy since at least 2016. In June, liberal Axios a $ 2.7 million contribution from Majority Forward 2018 to the Coalition for a Safe and Secure America (CSSA), which banked ads “aimed at depressing Republican general elections 2018” and then painted Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley of Missouri “as an anti-gun lefty.”

But the biggest recipient of reviews from Majority Forward is big brother. The Senate Majority PAC is a superpolitical action committee (PAC), which means that it is legally allowed to spend unlimited sums in favor of political candidates, but can not coordinate its spending with them (unlike traditional PACs).

And spend big it did –$ 230 million by 2020 (including the special elections in Georgia), and all for electing Democrats and harming Republicans running for the U.S. Senate. Incredibly, only $ 59 million of that incredible amount resulted in a Democratic pickup (in Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia). Another $ 35 million went to ward off Republican candidate John James in Michigan.

Hayden Ludwig / Capital Research Center

A dizzying one $ 51 million of PAC’s revenue in 2020 came from Majority Forward. What’s more impressive is that Majority Forwards’ revenue rose from an already impressive $ 28 million in 2018 to over $ 76 million in 2019. (The group’s application for Form 990 for 2020 will probably not be published until later this year.)

Few of the donors from Majority Forward have been identified. Standouts include Tides Foundation’s Advocacy Fund, reviewed NEO Philanthropy Action Fund, and Arabella-run Sixteen thirty funds. Even the left-leaning website BlueTent calls its arrangement with the Senate Majority PAC “a classic installation of dark money.”

We know the left consumed right about “dark money” during 2018 intermediaries. Thanks also to OpenSecrets for noting that the historic $ 1 billion that external groups spent on “dark money” in 2020 “sharply increase[ed] Democrats, ”Especially Biden – who raked in six times more “Dark money” contribution than President Donald Trump.

Given that Majority Forward “alone accounted for approximately $ 1 of every $ 3 in dark money spending in 2018 ”, noted by the left-wing campaign’s ‘reform’ group, question one, one thing is certain: the argument about which side of the aisle that gives more“ dark money ”is over. Even NBC was forced to admit on the 2020 election: “Democrats used to fight against ‘dark money’. Now they’re better at it than GOP. ”

Hayden Ludwig is a senior investigative researcher for the Capital Research Center. Victoria Ydens contributed to this report.

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