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The Sentz Drop Cutmore remix of “You’ll always find a way”


The LZ7’s “Getting Wild” single, Manchester-based duo Sents, who signed on to the same label after spending most of 2020 writing an array of songs, recently dropped their first single after attracting music audiences. “You’ll always find a way” . ”With the remixes proving to be increasingly popular, the duo has now jumped on the bandwagon and Pop Warap is delighted to premiere the cutmore remix of their track.

To find out how this new version comes about, the pair explains: “We were very excited for this remix and we knew that Cutmore would provide a visual version of our track. The original track had a big dance drop but it has a more cool view. We wanted a remix that would translate well into a live set with a more upbeat, dance feel and that’s what we got, of course. We listened a lot to Cutmore’s music and so we were familiar with his style and we can’t wait to see how he puts his spin on it. It’s good to find Katmore’s remix ‘You’ll Always Find a Way’ considering our first single release. It certainly adds to the feeling that we are getting stronger from the blocks. We know people are going to like it, it’s the kind of track that suits the gym, the car and obviously the club. Katmore Park has collapsed. ”

The single and its remix serve as a great introduction to the new band, and with their label mates planning to hit the streets with the LZ7, Sentz expects to reach more fans over the next few months.

Listen to the Katmore remix of “You’ll Always Find a Way” below and for more information on Sentz, check them out Website, Give a like to their page Facebook And follow them Instagram.

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